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Debug and Update history of the SARTrack program:
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Version 1.1063
13 November 2023

SARTrack Client (SAR Only):
- Fix: Log window did not update after a new local Log Entry
- Fix: Team Setup window: Team 'Tabs' will now reopen after a restart.
- Map window will now reopen after restart

Version 1.106
2 November 2023

SARTrack Client (SAR Only):
- Important bug fixes.
- Final changes to the new Main Menu
- New Zealand only:  Changes to the Start and Close of Operation

SARTrack Server:
Bug fixes (related to New Zealand only)

Version 1.105
1 September 2023

SARTrack Client (SAR Only):
- Multiple important bug fixes.

Version 1.103
19 August 2023

SARTrack Client (SAR Only):

Fixed several issues, including installation under Linux and Windows XP.

Version 1.100
14 August 2023

SARTrack Client (SAR Only):

-  New Menu. I have developed a new Menu for SARTrack. The old one, which grew over the years to what it is now, is too complicated. SARTrack now defaults to this new Menu, but it is possible to switch back to the old Menu in Setup>SAR.  Only recommended when the new Menu is too long for an older Monitors (as in pixels), the main reason for the old Menu to have three different parts.
LOG system:
- The Log window is now sizable, and this will be saved across restarts.
Searching of the Log: The Search Log window now has now options to search by Log Type, Reference, Summary and Body.
- Log Entry window: Log Type ‘Debrief’ has been added.  NOTE: The ‘Log type’ is also a TimeLine.  It is now possible to enter a new Log Type during a Log Entry. This will then be shared with all other SARTrack Clients for the specific Operation, and added to the Timeline window.
- Log Entry window:  Added the option to zoom the Log Entry window independently (Like the Log window itself). And this is now correctly saved between sessions.
- Log Entry window:  Spell checking. I finally managed to incorporate Spell Checking in the Log Entry window.  For this option to work, you must first download and install the Dictionaries package (See above), then select the required language in SARTrack, in Setup>SAR.

- When creating a Line on the Map, the mouse window will now show the Bearing, either in True or Magnetic mode. The Magnetic mode can be enabled in Setup>General and requires that the Magnetic Deviation is entered, for the specific area the user is operating in. I added a link to a website where the Magnetic Deviation can be looked up.
- Gender and Race options have now been updated to reflect current standards.
- Equipment window has now a Radio ID column.
- Team Setup: Team Tabs popup now has an ‘Unselect All’ button.
- Improvements: Many small improvements in many different places.
- Bug fixes:  Lots of small and larger bug fixes in the SARTrack client.

Database Server: 
- Major internal changes.

Download any additional OSM maps from and read the README file on how to install them.
Always read  additional information on the SARTrack two mailing lists (SAR or HAM versions). You can apply from the Help/About box.
SAR and related users, please sign up to the SAR mailing list. Email

Version 1.022
11 December 2022

SARTrack Client:

- Major internal changes relating to Scaling. SARTrack is now scalable. That is, when the Windows display is set to for example, 125%, SARTrack will now follow this setting.
- APRS: When Left-Click on a Station on the Map, will now show a Line of all Repeaters through which this Station has been repeated (if any).

SARTrack Client (SAR Only):

- IMPORTANT FIX: When Closing an Operation, People who were marked as 'Resting' where not properly cleared from the Operation, and got stuck there. This generally happened in multi-day operations.
- Fix: Delete multiple Objects in Object window did not work properly.
- Fix: Missing Person: Muliple Log entries of 'New MP Created' where generated, while it as not yet comleted, and not yet available to view.
- Fix: TrackMe satellite: Some preset messages where not decoded in Message window.

- Log window: It is now also possible to manually Scale the Log window (make it larger or smaller), and the Radio Operator Log system (with the larger font etc.) has been removed because it is no longer required.
- Log window: Added new feature warning flash on incoming Log entry.
- Log window: New Option: “Enable Automatic View”.  If enabled, when a new Log entry comes in the Log will automatically jump to this latest entry, and display the full information.  It is intended in situations where the Log is displayed for the IMT on a large screen, but the Log is not actually managed on this PC (nobody is selecting the new entry to read the information).
- Map window: Major performance improvement rendering Tracks on the Map window.
- Operation Select window: This now also shows the currently selected Operation in the list, as it caused confusion when this was not visible.
- Replay system: The old Replay system has been removed. This was a leftover from the days before the Database system was developed. It is now no longer required.

- Menu system: The Menu system has been revised.  In the Main Menu:
-- The button “Replay “ has been removed.
-- The button “Operations” has been removed.  The ‘Operations Menu’ is now permanently shown, and cannot be closed.
-- New button “Connections” has been added, to open the Connections Setup window.
By default, the Operation Menu is now attached to the bottom of the Main Menu, and the Manage Menu is attached to the bottom of the Operation Menu.
The Connection Menu is now attached to the side of the Operation Menu.  
All of these can still be dragged to different positions.

- Connection Menu: You can hide all unused panels in the menu (making it much smaller), by right-clicking on any panel and select "Hide all unused Panels". The Menu will then only show these panels which are in fact active.

Version 1.019A
17 September 2021

SARTrack Client:
- Fix related to changed domain name ' Is now ''.
- New: Map: New Icon: "Drone" now exists.
- Fix: Team Setup window: The filter to show People by Name, GroupID, Arrived etc.  did not work properly
- Fix: People window: Will no longer show "Photo not found...' all the time when selecting a person.
- Fix: People 'Quick Add' window did not save the selected GroupID.
- Fix: Improved Tait decoding

Database Server:
- Fix related to changed domain name ' Is now ''.
- Fixed duplicate entries in Journal database.
- Change: The Missing Person and Object Attachments images are now stored in a different database.
- Changed the Binary database system, Operation binaries (Images, documents) are now stored in seperate files, with great performance improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

- New: It is now possible to load National LandSAR Members from the LandSAR database, on a per-group basis.
A new button for this is now available in the People and Team Setup windows. Supervisor access is required for this option.
Currently the only available data for these members is First and Surname, Member ID, and Email address.
The downloaded member entries are *only* kept during the Active Operation, and are cleared after the Operation is closed.
Internet access for the Server is required; If a Local Server is used, this server must first have been able to load the last update of the LandSAR Member database from the NZSAR Internet server.

Version 1.019
25 April 2021

- Fix:  Import People: Internal error in some cases.
- Fix: Display of ID of received Radio Trackers did not work (Tait, Icom).
- New: Display information message when a very large Map file is loaded.
- New: New Operation on startup: It is now possible to start a New Operation immediately after initial connection to the Database Server, without first having to log into an existing Operation.
- Change: Map window: The 'Map Type' pull-down list is now sorted alphabetically. You can remove unwanted entries in this list in Setup>Maps2.
- Update: Map window: I had to do a full update of the *master file* and the *User file* containing all OSM (OpenStreetMap) Servers, because many of them now require a secure https connection, and the original SARTrack files were in many cases still using the http (non-secure) system.  Many map Servers did no longer work with this. 
However, updating these files will overwrite your settings which say which Maps you want to see in your Map window pull-down list (and also the currently selected map). Sorry about this, but you can edit this again in Setup>Maps2.
- Fix: Map window: In "LOCAL SHOW / HIDE" when Live Trackers where hidden, Polylines and Polygons would also be hidden.
- Fix: When a Priority alarm was received, all connected SARTrack Clients would generate a Log entry. Should only be the Client who directly receives the alarm.
- Fix: Request Position command messages would show up in the Message Chat window of the Radio Client PC.
- Fix: The Log Entry button in the main Log form would sometimes be greyed out.

Version 1.018
26 October 2020

- Fix: Drawing of Tracker direction arrows on the Map did not always work right.
- Fix: Map coordinate entry in the DD.dddddd format would in some cases delete the last digit, and the location would be off.
- Fix: Tracker Message Window: Position Request on Poll button now works.
- Fix: Map: Editing a Polygon 'Area' after original creation, would revert it to a Polyline.
- Fix: Beacon settings: It is now possible again to disable Beaconing by putting the interval value to zero.
- Change: The pre-historic New Zealand topographical Map window has now been removed. It was 10 years out of date, and it was the original map window way before the OSM (OpenStreetMap) system became available in SARTrack.
- Change: The OSM Map "New Zealand Topo" has been removed. This OSM Server, which SARTrack used for many years, is run by a private person, and we found that he no longer updated the Map tiles. Instead:
- New: A NEW version of the New Zealand topographical Maps, now directly from the LINZ servers: "LINZ Topo50". This is now available as a primary map, or as an Overlay (to overlay on a satellite map for example). These are the very latest produced by LINZ.
New Zealand users will get extra information on this.

Database Server:
- Fix: The Server would synchronize Binary files (Images, documents) even for already close Operations. This could cause major performance issues when many binaries files would exist from previous closed Operations. Now the servers will only synchronize binary files from *Active* Operations.

Android App:
- The SARTrack Android App called "SAR Member App" has been discontinued, due to un-resolvable problems with the Google Play Store. Please do un-install the "SAR Member App" from your device.
Now there is a new App called just "SARTrack" which is NOT available on the Google Play Store, instead it must now be downloaded from the SARTrack website, just like all other MS-Windows based programs. When a new Update for the App becomes available, you will be notified (just like the MS-Windows client) when the App is started, or when the background service is running. At this point to will be redirected to a download page via the Android Web browser where you can download and install the latest version. This version of the SARTrack Android App is more responsive, more stable, and has been improved to look better on Tablet devices.

Version 1.016
6 August 2020

 Fix: Map:  Problem with the Tracks on the map, when the new feature is being used which hides (or draws a thin dotted line) when the distance between two way-points in a Track is to big. The default of this is 2 kilometres.
In the previous version, this distance was incorrectly calculated, causing all lines to be drawn as thin dotted lines.
You can change the settings for this feature in Setup>Maps2: "Maximum distance between waypoints".  When set to zero, it will disable this feature.

Version 1.015A
17 July 2020

 Fix: Main Map window: In some cases it would fill between tracks with a solid color, as the renderer thought it was a Polygon.

Version 1.015
14 June 2020
SARTrack all users:
- Tracks on the Map: As from version 1.013, the SARTrack Client now can filter out Track-parts which are to far away from each other. The default setting for this is 2 kilometres.
The effect of this is that you can see tracks of a Station or Object which are not in fact connected to each other. This is to prevent very long lines on the map when waypoints in a Track are very far appart.
The default distance can be changed in Setup>Maps2. When set to zero, it will not filter anything.
- Fix: A change in the 'GPS' interface introduced lately, caused problems with some GPS units. This change has been rolled back.
SAR Only:
- The way Poll requests and Messages to Tait radios has been changed, so that any SARTrack Client which has an active connection to a Tait Base radio, will always transmit these requests over this link, regardless if it has actually heard the specific field radio on that port before.
- Fix: Keep Trackers accros Operations. This feature has been improved, when enabled in Setup>SAR>Keep_Radio_Trackers all Tracker ID's will be saved immediately, so when another Operation is started, the Tracker can be allocated to a Team before it has in fact been activated.
- Fix: The LKP/PLS/IPP circles where not always drawn at the correct size, depending on the Latitude.
- Fix: Map: In 'Local Show/Hide' options, hiding Live Trackers would also hide imported GPS tracks.
- Fix: Improvement in the editing of UTM and MGRS (USNG) Map coordinates. This will now allow entering less digits, and will append zeros at the end. This means the resolution of the final coordinate can now be 1 meter (full details) or 10 or 100 meter resolution.
- Fix: Change Operation: When an closed (Historic) Operation was selected, could not switch back to current Active Operation.
- NEW: Area (Polygon) drawing with filling. On the Map window is a new button, next to the 'Line' button called 'Area'. This allows you to draw an area (as in a Search area), which when finished will auto-close and fill with the selected raster patern.
With great thanks to Grant Adams from Far North SAR for the financial contribution to make this work possible.
- Timeline window: Changed font to make more readable. Timeline entries now also show the To/From information (e.g. the Team name)
- TASKING: Rewritten the TASKING system to make the windows easier to use.
-- Tasks now have an automaticly increasing TaskID per Operation. These cannot be changed.
-- The previous field called TaskID is now called "Task Name".
-- The Allocation Date-Time and 'Closed' DateTime are now visible in the lists.
-- Tasks which have been allocated, can afterwards no longer be edited. Instead, you can now make a COPY of a Task, edit this, and allocate it.

SARTrack Server:
This update fixes some memory leaks, causing the Server to use up more and more computer memory when running for a long time.

Version 1.014
25 May 2020

SARTrack, All Users:
-Tait Radio trackers did not properly generate Tracks on the Map, since version 1.013.
- Various small fixes in the Map system.

Version 1.013
10 May 2020

SARTrack, All Users:
- Changes in the way Tracks are stored.

Version 1.012
5 May 2020

SARTrack, All Users:
- New Coordinate system: MGRS (Military Grid Reference System). On many requests, SARTrack has now full MGRS capability (and it was a major job). This option can be set in Setup>General, either as the *primary* coordinate system or the *secondary* coordinate system. Display of the MGRS can be 'Military style', which means no spaces are in the displayed location. For example: "33UVT8156474797". However, when Military style is *not* checked, this display will look like this: "33U VT 81564 74797", and this format is equivalent to the USNG (United States National Grid), which is therefore also supported.
- New: The Map 'Mouse Coordinate' display box will now always show both the Primary and secondary coordinate system. this means you can select any combination of this in Setup>General. Also, the new Map option: Right-click>"Copy coordinates to Clipboard" will now also copy *both* coordinate systems to the Clipboard.
- Fix: Way-point information for moving Objects (Radio Trackers, balloons, etc.) did not always have Altitude, Speed and Course included (when you right-click on a way-point on the track).
- Fix: Map: The option 'Follow On Map' (right-click on Object Icon) for moving Objects (Radio Trackers, Balloons) will now always work when the Object has more than 2 'way-points'.
- New: Map: It is now (finally) possible to filter out track-parts and way-points which are to far from each other. You can now set Setup>Maps2>"Maximum distance between way-points", where the default is 2000 meters. What this means it that any way-points which are further away from the *previous* way-point on the Track, will not be rendered. This prevents long lines on the Map when Trackers or GPS units are moved over long distances. When this value is set to '0', it will not filter anything.
- New: Map: Option to show callsigns of incoming Station/Tracker data on the top-right of the Map window. This is disabled by default. To enable this, in check Setup>Maps2>'RXPanel on Map'. AREC people may find this useful to see which (Radio) Tracker has been transmitted last.
- New: In collaboration with the developer of the Direwolf software, SARTrack can now decode AIS (vessel) traffic via Direwolf, using the sound card of the PC to receive the ship location radio traffic on the marine radio channels.
Details at:,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,73315001
- New OSM Map system now in the pulldown list: "ArcGIS Oceans". This will show the sea floor, as well as can be detected. NOTE: This will be available after a complete install from the last SARTrack installation package. Else you can download it manually from . Do read the Readme file on how to import additional OSM Maps.

SARTrack Client (SAR Only):
- Fix: Printing of a single Task or single Log entry did not work.
- Fix: At startup, SARTrack did not remember open Tabs in the TeamSetup and TeamStatus windows (Actually a Server error, so needs the Database Server being updated!)

Database Server:
- SARTrack Client could not load saved open Tabs in the TeamSetup and TeamStatus windows
- Track 'way-points' did not always have full information stored.

Version 1.011
23 April 2020

SARTrack, All Users:
- In IFeeds, the StormSpotters did no longer work.
- Fixed a problem with secure OSM websites, some did no longer work due to SSL changes.
- Rewritten the 'Tracking' system, which displays tracks on the map. There is now less chance that track lines are out of order, due to incoming tracking data being out of order. Now all track way-points are inserted by timestamp.  Also reduced the transfer from Database of large amounts of Tracks by 50% (SAR version only).
- Fixed intermittent problem that drawing a (multi) Line would not work.
- New: Map: In the Map pulldown list (right-click) it now has a new option 'Copy Location to clipboard'.

SAR Only:
- Fix: Deleting of 'Permanent' Objects did no longer work
- Fix: In the People Arrival window, the option 'Mark as EnRoute' did not work.
- New: Equipment Allocation window (by Barcode): This will now accept it when you do not have a Person allocated. Also, you can select the Equipment now from the pull-down list (without using the barcode), and I fixed some other display issues.
- Improved 'Journal' system (which stores Delete commands). Much better performance.
In the Connection Window there is now a new entry called "New Zealand'.
In this window you can now select the two New Zealand-only satellite trackers, 'TracPlus' used by SAR aircraft and helicopters, and 'TrackMe' used by "NZ Police SAR" satellite trackers.
This option is ONLY available for SARTrack users in New Zealand.  If you are a New Zealand SAR user, but you cannot open the 'New Zealand' entry, please contact

Database Server:
- Improved 'Journal' system (which stores Delete commands). Much better performance.
- Upgraded to deal with the new Track system.
- Fix: DTBUsers: Changing password for existing user did not work.

Android App:
- Updated with the new Track system
- The App now also shows a 'Tracker messages' in the Message screen, and is capable to send Tracker Messages back to some trackers: Currently only Tait radios, and 'TrackMe' New Zealand satellite trackers. (Note: This requires a SARTrack (MS-Windows) Client to have a direct connection to a Tait base radio, or the 'TrackMe' Internet feed.)

Version 1.009B
1 March 2020

- Fix: This update fixes various issues with printing, including not being able to print the Map.
- Fix: The sorting of all lists (Station,s Objects, Logs etc.) did not always work as expected.

Version 1.009A
18 January 2020

SAR Only:
- Fix: In Equipment Barcode window, it would not accept a Person if the MemberID was not the same as the Barcode ID.
- Fix: When switching between GroupID's, the People and Equipment lists from the previous GroupID where not cleared.

- Some bug fixes
- Removed excessive Debug logging (performance)

Version 1.009
4 January 2020

- New: In Setup>General you can now select to use a 24-hour Time format, or the system default Time format. Also cleaned up many windows using a time field.
- Fix: GPS data: GPS connection will now accept NMEA data from all satellite systems.

SAR Only:
- Multi-Operaton support:
- Fix: Add Equipment would not accept an empty Barcode field.
- DTBUser (Database Users) window: Improved with bug fixes and new options.
- Log window: Any LOG entry which is FROM a Team, and where the Log text is larger than the Summary (and therefore must be READ) will now show a *flashing* Icon, until the user has clicked on the Log entry (and has READ the full text).
- Team Status window: This window has now an extra panel on the right, showing all teams (with People in them) and if they are on a Task or are awaiting a Task. When the Team is waiting for a Task, this entry will be flasing as a warning for IMT they have to issue a Task.
- Many small fixes and improvements accros the board.

- Multi-Operaton support.

SARTrack Member App (Android)
- Fix: Clue could not be entered when not connected to Server
- Log display: Will now scroll down to the last entry.
- New option under 'Logs': Select Operation.

Version 1.008B
30 September 2019

- "GPSMic": These GPS microphones no longer work properly due to the April 2019 GPS Date/Time rollover. I have patched SARTrack to work around this problem.
- Satellite Trackers (in IFeeds): InReach: There is now an additional InReach version, which allows you to use a Login and Password in addition to the 'key' at the end of the URL. This seems to be a new advanced system with them.
- Language updates for Polish and Dutch language
- NEW: Coordinate settings: In Setup>General it is now possible to set up Primary and Secondary Coordinate systems. The Primary one will be used as the default one in all windows where coordinates are displayed. The Secondary one will show in places where two different coordinates are displayed at the same time, specifically the Map Mouse Coordinates window. In many windows with coordinates (but not yet all of them), it is now possible to switch these 'on-the-fly'.

SAR Only:
- DTBUsers: The Login NAME is now Case insensitive in all areas. This fixes an issue that a User could not edit his/her own password.
- Team Setup window: When a new Team was created by another SARTrack Client, the Team Setup window would suddenly switch to this new Team tab, instead on staying on the existing tab. This is now fixed, the new Tab will be created, but the window will not switch to it.
- Fixed a problem where a window would suddenly pop to the foreground in incoming data.
- Fix: When Historical data was loaded, the Tracks of Objects lost their colors (where not properly loaded).
- New: Team Setup: In the People Filter options (bottom-right) a new option is available: Arrived-EnRoute. When you select this, the filter will show all people who are either already arrived, or are enroute to the Operation. So you can set up your Teams in advance.
- New: New Zealand users only: The 'Change GroupID' window now will show a full list of all New Zealand Groups, sorted by Group name. There is also a new button which will enable you to open the master file in Notepad to view or to print it out.
- New: New Zealand users only: SARTrack now has access to the TracPlus trackers in New Zealand. More information will be supplied on the New Zealand mailing list.
- The Database Server has been modified to fix problems with the stored encrypted passwords, which failed in certain situations in certain countries. As a result, the option of having a non-encrypted Internet connection in the Setup has been removed. It is now required that the connections are either of the type "AES" or "TLS". If you would have used the 'open' connection type, it will now switch to "AES" encryption which has always been the default.
Also the file containing the 'DTBUser' Logins and passwords is now stored on disk encrypted, regardless of the option "Use AES File Encryption" in Setup.

SARTrack Member App (Android)
- Fix: The way the password was send to the Server caused problems in some countries with special language characters. To fix this, all SARTrack programs including the Android App now work in a different way. It also means that the Database Servers no longer are allowed to transmit non-encrypted data.
- Fix: the Message system had multiple issues, now fixed.
- New: There is a new button in "Personal Settings>Availability" called "Enroute". When this button is pressed, the App will transmit to the Operations team that the member is Enroute to the active Operation (this will update immediately if the App has Internet access at that time)

Download any additional OSM maps from and read the README file on how to install them.
Always read  additional information on the SARTrack two mailing lists (SAR or HAM versions). You can apply from the Help/About box.
SAR and related users, please sign up to the SAR mailing list. Email

Version 1.007A
5 August 2019

SERVER only:
- Fixed some issues with the 'change password' system.

Version 1.007
24 July 2019

- APRS Messages: In some cases, would not correctly identify a manual callsign entry in the pulldown box.
- APRS Message window will now filter out any 'Poll Requests' to commercial radios.

SAR Only:
- Team Setup: Option 'Delete team' was not available.
- DTBUsers window will now require a save password: 8 characters with uppercase and lowercase chars and a number.
- Forms Window: 'Print Any Form' would not work for some forms.

- New Password system
- Fixed issue where the Server window or the Debug window would be invisible (under Windows-10)
- Prepared the Server for new features in the Android App.

SARTrack Member App (Android)
- A new version will come out to the Google Play store before 31 August.

Version 1.006A
29 June 2019

- Satellite Tracker "InReach": Fixed an important bug, and rewritten the interface to the InReach API, which has changed over the years. Now decodes properly also Speed, Altitude and Course, and if a TEXT is received, adds this to the Information field.
- Satellite Tracker "Spot": Fixed important issue where multiple Trackers where supplied in one record, SARTrack would decode only one.
- Stations and Messages: Fixed a problem where the Messages system would delete Stations from the list.

Version 1.006
23 May 2019

- Hytera: The Hytera decoding system has now been completely updated, and will decode all possible Location reports.
- Tait: The Tait Location reporting now also works in P25 mode. This requires that in the P25 setup, the "NMEA" system is being used.
- Also enabled the 'Priority Alarm' for commercial radios, when SARTrack is used in 'HAM' mode. Previousely this was only working in 'SAR' mode.
- Import GPX files: Added a work-around for GPX tracks which do not contain any references. Also fixed a bug which would drop all Tracks if an error would occur in a earlier track in the list.

SAR Only:
- Fixed a smull bug in the Operation Period window.
- Simplified the People 'Quick Add' window.
- Fixed an inconsistency in the People Status system. This would not always reset the person's Status to the Default value, and in the Team Setup window, the display would sometimes state 'Unknown' while the actual status was 'Available'.
To clear and reset the People Status for everybody, close the Active Operation (and start a new one if required).

Version 1.005B
7 May 2019

- The Equipment system did not let a record being updated, due to a wrong record version being send to the Server. Please Update SARTrack Clients to this version, before attempting to update any records in the Equipment.
- The Hytera Radio system did not properly decode some automatic Position reports. This is now fixed in this version.

Version 1.005A
25 April 2019

- Reversed the changes in the Tait radio system introduced in version 1.005 back to version 1.004.  There where issues with it.

Version 1.005
15 April 2019

- Fix: DTBUsers edit: Comparing link to People database now ignores the CASE of the First and Surnames of the user.
- Fixed the Keyboard Shortcuts in the Operation Log windows. Press Alt-(character) to open the selected item (the underlined characters)
- Fixed: Icom decoding: Disabled to automatic switching to BIIS mode if the incoming data format was unclear. Now will stay in the selected mode.
- Fixed intermittant timing issue when a NEW Operation was started, but SARTrack clients at a remote Server did not get a proper full update from the that server (because the Server itself was not yet updated).
- Fix: Equipment History display was incorrect when 'ALL' or 'STOCKTAKE' selected.
- New: In the LOG window, Reports>Save Task Logs: Now generates a detailed report of all Tasks in the Operation, both as a Text file and a CSV file (to use in Excel).
- Fix: Improved the loading and display of Images when these are attached to Tasks, Objects, etc.
- Fix: During a New Operation or a 'Clear All Teams', in some situations not all People where reset to default Status.
- Fix: In Missing Person window, you can now scroll the information boxes while in read-only mode.

- Improved way for Android App to request stations and objects
- Improved synchronization system between Servers, and between Servers and Android App's.
- Fix: The Equipment History was not properly transfered between Servers.
- Fix: Server would not always send Automatic Log entries on request.

SARTrack Member App (Android)
- Improved way for App to request stations and objects

SARTrack Member App (Android)
- All Android App users WILL NOW BE SUBSCRIBED to the special Mailing list for the App, to get updates on the changes and known issues. This mailing list will stay in exsitence as long as the App is in Beta development.

Version 1.004
24 March 2019
- Some more bug fixes in the APRS Messages system
- People Import/Export: The system did not properly load NEW People during an Import.
- Updated the Dutch language file.
- Some compatibility issues with the Android App fixed.

- Fixed synchonisation system with Android App.
- Fixed problem with New people not being accepted during an Import at the Client.

Version 1.003
24 February 2019
- Some bug fixes in the APRS Messages system
- Fixed some issues in the People Management; People Photo's where not properly loaded from the Database Server.
- Some other minor bug fixes

- Fix: People Photo's return did not have the confirmation ID.

Version 1.001
10 February 2019

SARTrack is now no longer in Beta, after 12 years...

HAM and SAR versions both:
- APRS Messages: I have rewritten part of this system to fix many old bugs and issues (from 10 years ago). In the Messages window, the Pulldown list of available Stations to send messages to is now updated properly when new Stations coming in, but it is *cleared* every 5 minutes of any Stations which have not been heard in the last hour. It will show the Tactical name of any Station which has one, else it will show the Callsign. The list is sorted by name.
- APRS Messages: Encryption. The original simple Encryption system used by SARTrack from 10 years ago  has now been finally replaced by a full AES encryption system. This affects any APRS Message which is send over the APRS-IS Internet network, where the encryption is set to "All SAR" or "Private". The new system is NOT compatible with the old system, and SARTrack versions older that 1.0 will not be able to decode these type of APRS messages. All SARTrack client (HAM or SAR) should now be updated to version 1.x.

- NEW Encryption system during Login. This means that old Clients can still connect to a version 1.x Server, but not the other way around. You must now update ALL your Servers and SARTrack clients, *including* the SARTrack Member App.
- NEW: New Zealand users only: In the GroupID selection window, you now have a full list of all available New Zealand LandSAR Groups, by GroupID and Group Name. Note that this you can only switch to another Group when you have a Login set up with that Group. This list is only available after connecting at least once to the NZSAR Internet Server (including having your Local Databases connect to it, to update this list)
- New: TimeLine window:
-- *Finally* managed to get the Vertical Scoll to work. You can now scroll up-and-down to also see the timelines at the bottom. You can use the Mousewheel to do this too.
-- Printing: You can now *print* the Timeline window. You can select the exact period of date&time you want to print. If this range is quite long, this will be split in multiple pages. You can first preview these pages, before actually printing them (because there may be a LOT of them).
NEW: Log Entry window: When entering a new Log Entry, the selected items in the "Log Type" and "Reference (Team)" pull-down lists will be re-ordered, so that the last used entry will come to the top of the list. However, in case of the "Log Type" pulldown, the entry 'Standard' will always be as the first entry. The reason for this is, that by default the 'Standard' Log entries are NOT added to the Timeline window, because else this would totally fill up any timeline which would be left as the last one used (without the operator noticing this).
- NEW: Performance: The *automatic* Log entries, which are normally not visible but may run into the thousands, will no longer be loaded at Startup. Instead they will be requested from the Server if 'Show Auto Log Entries' is selected by the user (in Options).
- NEW: Map: When an Object has Attachements, and if they are Images, the Popup information window will now show a thumbnail of the (first) attached Image.  Clicking on the thumbnail will open the Image Viewer with all attached images and Documents.

- NEW: Missing Person: When multiple Missing Person's must be added, the 'Informant' details will now be pre-loaded from the first MP.
- People: The People management window now has the previousely missing 'Middle Names' field, and also the new Barcode field. This last field is by default copied from the Member ID field, but can now be changed afterwards. The Import/Export system has been updated to be able to use the new fields.
- Equipment: *** The Equipment system has been completely rewritten. Please read the Manual for all details ***.

- NEW: SAR Log: Two new "Log Type's" have been added: "SITREP Manager" and "SITREP Teams". The SITREP Manager is solely intended for use by the Operation manager to do a Situation Report on the status of the Operation. A new Log window "Manager Situation Reports" is now available, which will *only* show the high-level SITREP's, and is intended for use by higher level management, which need to know the status of the Operation, but do not need to see all the details. 

- New Encryption system for Login (!)
- New database structure for Equipment
- Fixed memory leaks

SARTrack Member App (Android)
- Completely rewritten for use with Android 8. All Android App users *MUST* subscribe to the special Mailing list for the App, to get updates on the changes and known issues.

Version 0.9.784A
23 December 2018

- Intermediate update due to Beta expiring.

Version 0.9.784A
27 October 2018

SARTrack (SAR):
- Critical bug fix relating the Team Setup (People Status not clearing)

Version 0.9.784
23 October 2018

SARTrack (SAR & HAM):
- New: Compression system added. All data transfers between Client and Server are now first compressed before transmitted. This makes any download or upload 3 times as fast, and makes a big difference especially with very large Operations.
Also, SARTrack has now a new option (Enabled by default) to only request Updates from the Database Server after a restart.
To make this possible, SARTrack Clients are now saving all databases of a running Operation locally on disk, but EAS-256 encrypted. So these files cannot be read. Only after a successful Login to the Database server, will SARTrack read and decode the files from disk, then request any Updates from the server (based on the last time it disconnected).
This option can be selected in Setup>SAR>Database. If you decide to use the orginal system, where SARTrack requests a full download of the entire Operation after a restart, then the databases will NOT be saved locally. 

- Fix: Objects would not clear properly in the window when an Operation was closed.
- Fix: Log Entry with a Task would not close the Log Entry window and cause a timeout error.
- Fix: Tait Radio connection: Will now be set to 'Pending' (Yellow) after COM port connect, and only show 'Connected' (Green) once valid data has been received.
- Fix: Add Object: Protection against Spaces in the Object Name.
- NEW: Log system: SitRep Log. When a new Log entry is made, a new option 'SitRep' (Situation  Report) can be selected. These will go onto a seperate Timeline. A new 'SitRep' Window can now be opened from the main Log window, which will only show Situation Reports.  It is intended for Managers to write down the current situation. It is NOT intended for Teams in the field during regular Sitreps to show they are still okay...
- New: DTBUsers: There is a new Access Level added: "Monitor" . Database users who have this access level, have read-only access to the entire Operation, but are also allowed to make standard Log entries, and send Messages.  This access level is intended for overview by higher level organisations, who only like to monitor the Operation, and they can use the new SitRep window to only get general status info, without all the details.
- New: Clamped down on logged-in user Access level restrictions. Made sure only people with a high enough access level can perform certain actions.
- New: MAP: Show NZTM (New Zealand) Grid. Select NZTM in Setup>Maps1. Note: It currently NOT possible to show the UTM or NZTM Grid numbers on the Map, only the lines, sorry.
- Fix: Map: Printing: The printing of the Map did not scale right depending on the original size and orientation of the Map. This is now fixed.
- Fix: Map: Show-Hide window: Filter by Date&Time did not include all Object types properly. Some where filtered out while should not have been.
- Fix: Import GPX files: In GPX files with multiple Segments in a single Track, only the first Segment was imported. Now they are appended into a single Track.  Track waypoints who are too close together and waypoints which are outside the selected Date&Time range, will be skipped.
- Change: Edit Object: Copy Coordinates will now only copy the coordinates, without the Tactical name of the Object, to solve the issue the result could not be copied into a single Edit field.
- Fix: People: New person: Would wipe the form when clicking on "Edit Capabilities" before the initial Form was saved.

- Fix: Objects owned by own station would timeout because the timestamp was not updated during automatic transmissions.

Database Server (v0.9782):
- New: Compression system added. All data transfers are now first compressed before transmitted. This makes any download or upload 3 times as fast, which makes a big difference especially with very large Operations.   Also, inproved the way the Server synchonizes after a full restart.

Download any additional OSM maps from and read the README file on how to install them.
Always read  additional information on the SARTrack two mailing lists (SAR or HAM versions). You can apply from the Help/About box.
SAR and related users, please sign up to the SAR mailing list. Email

Version 0.9.782
23 August 2018
SARTrack (All)
- Fix: Transmitting APRS Message to a Station via Radio did not work properly because the timer system which allows Message to be send over Radio was no longer working properly. You can only send an APRS Message to a Station by Radio if this station has been heard over the Radio system in the last 60 minutes. This now works again as designed.
- Update: Polish Language file updated.
- Fix: The IFeeds option "InReach" did no longer work because they changed their Server and the SSL protocol. This is now fixed.

Version 0.9.782
10 July 2018
SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Fix: Important: Closing an Active Operation did not work sometimes due to an internal error while clearing the Stations database.

Database Server:
- Fix: in Setup, the "Automatic Startup" would not properly reload after it was set previousely, which would result in it being disabled when the Setup was saved again, without re-checking the entry.
- New: Setup Option to select Automatic Beta Updates. Default is No.

Version 0.9.781F
9 July 2018
SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Fix: Editing People 'Private Database Access' now also can optionally edit the Callsign. This will now be saved, and reloaded on selection of the person.
- Fix: The DTBEdit window now finally works the way it should.
- Fix: Compatibility Update for People-Status updates from the Android App. 

Database Server:
- Fix: Compatibility Update for People-Status updates from the Android App.

Android App Update history here.

Version 0.9.781
25 June 2018
SARTrack (SAR Only)
- New: Prepared SARTrack for use with the new Android App.
- Fix: Team Setup and People Arrival: Corrected the display of the People Status to show the Default Status when the Active Status is Unknown.
- Fix: team Setup: Repaired a non-functional Button to open the Team Status window.
- Small bug fixes.

Database Server:
Updated the Server to work with the new Android App.
- Fix: After the Server locked a Login out due to overload, it would not clear properly after 10 minutes.

Version 0.9.780C
9 June 2018
SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Fix: In Team Setup and Team Status you could not select/unselect the visible Team Tabs anymore after the last update.
- Fix: In extreme training situations, the adding of a new Task would unexpectedly be cleared of the screen when other people where saving their Tasks at the same time.
- New: People window: A new window Tab has been added called "Status". In this new window you will shortly be able to edit the Availability of a person into the future; That is, to set the person Available or Unavailable at certain periods (like a holiday). This is part of the new upcoming Android App, where people can do this by themselves as well.
NOTE: The option to do it from SARTrack is not finished yet.
However, you CAN now set the Default Availability status for a person: Either "Available" or "Unknown". This is the status to which the person is reset after an Operation has been closed.

Version 0.9.780B
4 June 2018
- Fix: Various issues with the Timeout and related display system (which has been rewritten to clean it up)
- New: Missing Person and Operation Periods: When these are created or modified, the full information from the Missing Person and Operation Periods will be added to the Log system, as an 'Automatic Log entry'. This means that these changes will be be available in the Operation Log window, "Reports>Save Complete Operation Logs".
-New: Reports on Clues: You can now Save a detailed report of all Log entries related to Clues. This is available from the Operation Log window, "Reports>Save Clue Logs", and also from the Clues window, "Reports>Save Clue Logs".
-New: Reports on Tasks: You can now Save a detailed report of all Log entries related to Tasks. This is available from the Operation Log window, "Reports>Save Tasks Logs".

All of the above Reports are saved as .TXT files and .CSV files for use in a spreadsheet program.

Version 0.9.780
31 May 2018

SARTrack (SAR Only)
- New: IPP Circle system: Added the "Initial Planning Point" (IPP) to the pulldown list.
- New: IPP Circle system: You can now save an IPP/PLS/LKP when only 300 meter/1000 feet circle is selected.
- Fix: IPP Circle system: Would not allow the LKP to be set from the Missing Person window when the Dispersion Angles where not used.
- Fix: Log Entry and Teams: During a Log Entry, when a NEW Reference (a "Team, Person, etc.") is entered, a *confirmation* is now requested that this Team is in fact to be Created in the Operation. If so, the Team is created, but it will NOT be automatically be added to the Team Setup and Team Status windows. Instead, a 3 second information window will show that a new Team has been created. If a new Team is created via the 'New Team' window in the Team Setup, then this Team will immediately be shown on all Clients's Team Setup and Team Status windows.
- Fix: Log Entry: When Copy-and-Paste text directly into the Log Entry 'Message' box, this would previously be cut of at 80 characters. It is now possible to Paste a large amount of text into the 'Message box'. Also fixed a problem where the text in the 'Message box' would be deleted and revert back to the text in the 'Summary box' when this was edited afterwards.
- Fix: Tasks window: Window did not clear properly after entering a new Task.
- FIX: IMPORTANT: The 'Lock' system used to notify all SARTrack Clients if a record is edited by someone (Missing Person, Operation Period, etc) could cause an uncontrolled loop in some situations where at least two Local Database Servers where connected to a Internet Master Server, and a 'lock' was initiated by a Client. This fix REQUIRES that all SARTrack Servers AND Clients are updated to version 0.9.780, else the 'lock' system will not work.

SARTrack (general)
- New: Messages and Chat windows: It is now possible to re-open a previousely closed Message Chat window, by right-click on a Message in the main Message window, and select 'Open Chat window'.
- Fix: The AGWPE interface did no longer work since I upgraded to a new Compiler. This is now fixed.
- Fix: The Icon "House" was invalid. Now build a new House (Icon).
- Fix: Cleaned up the "Edit Station" window in HAM mode. Removed all SAR related items.
- Fix: Colored Tracks: The random TrackColor generator for Stations did no longer work in HAM mode.
- Fix: Map Labels: Some long standing discrepancies with the Labels not always giving the right Timeout or Last Heard, and not correctly showing the Coordinates and/or Speed & Altitude in some situations.
- New: Import GPS Tracks and Waypoints. You can now set the Date and TIME for the START of the import of GPX files. All Tracks will either be skipped or be cut off at the beginning of the set time, all Waypoints earlier than this time will be skipped. This means it is now possible to remove non-valid parts at the beginning of a Track, by the minute.

Database Server:
- FIX: IMPORTANT: The 'Lock' system used to notify all SARTrack Clients if a record is edited by someone (Missing Person, Operation Period, etc) could cause an uncontrolled loop in some situations where at least two Local Database Servers where connected to a Internet Master Server, and a 'lock' was initiated by a Client. This fix REQUIRES that all SARTrack Clients are also updated to version 0.9.780, else the 'lock' system will not work.
- New: Denial-of-Service protection. The Database will now block any Clients or Local Database Servers which are attempting to connect to often in a short time. The length of the block is currently set to 10 minutes. This feature is mostly designed for Internet based servers.

The Manual has been updated to version 0.9.780. In the 'Change Log' you can see which pages you have to replace (you do not have to re-print the entire Manual).

Version 0.9.779A
7 May 2018

SARTrack (SAR Only)
Fix: Team Setup; People List: Due to a single character missing in the SARTrack code (which, by the way, is now at 230,000 lines of source code...), on initial opening of the Team Setup window, the People list was not properly cleared, which resulted in duplicate names in the list. Only happened when the Filter was used (which it is by default, set to the local GroupID).

Version 0.9.779
3 May 2018

SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Fix: Fixed some issues with the drawing and transmitting of Polylines. Also added a warning when users switch from SAR to HAM mode and back, as this overrides some settings.
- Fix: Editing DTB users would refuse to save if the DTBUser was not found in the People database.
- New: The Connection panel for the Database Server will now show Blue when connected, but not yet fully synchronized, and will turn Green when all done.
- Fix: Map window: Fixed inconsistencies when 'Show By Date' was selected. This will now only show the Icon of the Track when this Icon is also within the selected Time range, else it will ONLY show that part of the Track within the Time range, without any Icon. Right-clicking on a Waypoint will show details and owner of the Track.
- Fix: Edit an Object in SAR mode would sometimes cause an internal error.
- Fix: Map windows: Fixed some Icon transparency issues. Some APRS Icons had a transparent background, while it should have been a solid color, which made them difficult to see.
- Change: Map: The 'New Polyline' window now defaults to a line color of Red instead of Black.
- New: Edit Object window (SAR mode): New button 'Copy Coordinates to Clipboard' will do just that. You can then paste the coordinates somewhere else.
- New: 'Keep Radio Trackers on New Operation'. In the Setup>SAR window there is a new setting: 'Keep Radio Trackers'. The default is Checked (enabled). When enabled, when closing an Operation, all active Radio Trackers will be saved.  Then when a New Operation is started, in the Team Setup window>'New Team' you can then directly link a new Team to a previously saved Radio Tracker by ID.
- Update: Updated the Help file.

Also updated the SARTrack Manual to Version 0.9.779. See the 'Changes' page for what has changed.

Database Server:
- Fix: Server did not clear 'Edit Locks' when a Client (which was in Edit mode) would unexpectedly disconnect.
- Updates: Added additional internal features and commands for the upcoming Android App.
- New: The Connection panel for the Internet Master Server will now show Blue when connected, but not yet fully synchronized, and will turn Green when all done.

Also updated the SARTrack Manual to Version 0.9.779. See the 'Changes' page for what has changed.

Database Server:
- Fix: Server did not clear 'Edit Locks' when a Client (which was in Edit mode) would unexpectedly disconnect.
- Updates: Added additional internal features and commands for the upcoming Android App.
- New: The Connection panel for the Internet Master Server will now show Blue when connected, but not yet fully synchronized, and will turn Green when all done.

Version 0.9.778C
6 April 2018

SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Fix: AIS connection panel would stay yellow, while valid AIS data was coming in.
- Fix: People window: A "New Person" could not be edited after saving, until restart.
- Fix: People window: When a NEW Person would be added, it did not save the initial Status properly.
- Fix: TeamSetup: The 'New Team' button would not work immediately after starting a new Operation.
- Fix: TeamSetup: The People list would jump to the top every time when changes where made, while the People Filter was active.
- New: DTB Users window: It is now possible to link a 'DTB User (Database User) to a Person in the People database. This will be a requirement for the upcoming Android App, when SARTrack users can use the App to connect to the Database, and have access to their own personal data. Also, a new 'Lock' option is now visible, but can only be used by SARTrack access level, and will enable the addition of special Database Login's which can not be changed or disabled by normal users (including Supervisor), except when the DTB user Login is owned by the currently logged in user. Also a filter is added to show/hide any automatically added (Private Android App) Login's. 

Database Server:
- Fix: After a NEW installation of a Database Server, after adding a NEW GroupID to the Server, when a New Operation was started, it would not be saved properly and would revert back to 'NONE'.
- New: Server will show Warning on the screen when a SARTrack Client is trying to connect with the *same* Callsign-SSID as the Server itself, on the same computer. (People do this all the time because they do not read the documentation)

Version 0.9.778B
26 March 2018
- AIS: I have permanently disabled the forwarding of AIS (vessel) data to the APRS system. If you want to share AIS data, you must do this by using a SARTrack Database Server (in SAR mode).

SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Fix: Team Setup window did not always update itself properly after adding/removing People.

Version 0.9.778B Server
17 March 2018
SARTrack Server
- Fix: Fixed several significant Memory leaks.
- Fix: Timeout and disconnect while loading avery large Operation over a slow Internet link. When a large Operation with thousands of Log entries, and hundreds of (GPS Imported) Objects each with thousands of Track Waypoints was loaded, the synchronization between Master Server and Local Server would time out before the data was transfered. Increased the timeout value to 5 minutes, and inserted additional 'ping' signals to try to reset the Timeout system in this situation. This would also affect any SARTrack Client connecting direct to the internet Master server.

Version 0.9.778A
14 March 2018
SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Performance update. When very large databases are transfered, any open windows (Objects, Stations, People, etc) are updated when new data comes in. Improved the system to reduce the screen updates in open windows, so they do not jump to the top of the lists all the time.

Version 0.9.778
12 March 2018

SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Still fixed more issues with the People database, especially the Import/Export system.

Database Server:
- More safety systems added to deal with backwards compatibility of the People database structure.

Version 0.9.777
10 March 2018

SARTrack (All versions):
- Fix: During a new installation of SARTrack, when no Internet is available, program would lock up when trying to send activation email.
- Fix: Incoming AIS position packets will now only be processed once per minute (they come in every few seconds).
- Fix: AIS Vessels (Boats): The option on the Map, when right-clicking on an AIS received vessel, "Get information on..." now works again, with a Website link to MarineTraffic.Com.
- New: Objects window: You can now FILTER Objects by TYPE: Trackers, Polylines, Imported GPX, Permanent and Clues. In addition the manual filter has been changed so that it will search for the text in the Objectname and the Tactical name (and not case sensitive).
- NEW: In all Map windows, in the right-click Popup Menu, a new entry is available called: "LOCAL SHOW / HIDE OPTIONS". This will open a special window in the Map area where you can select a range of Filters to apply to all Stations, Objects and Tracks on the Map. This is a very powerfull feature which will enable you to control in detail what is visible on the local Map. All options in the window are LOCAL only and will not affect other SARTrack computers. The window itself will stay visible on the Map until closed, and it can be moved. Give it a try.

SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Objects: It is now possible to open any attachments to an Object (Images, documents) directly from the Map, the Objects window, and the Object-Edit window, by right-clicking on the Object and select Show Attachments.
- Fix: Edit Stations (in SAR mode): Would not properly save a change to Tactical name or Color.
- Fix: Edit Objects (in SAR mode): Would not properly save a change to Tactical name or Color.
- Fix: Team Setup: Tasks: After changing the Task (or Drag-and-Drop) a Task, but then changing to another Team without first clicking on the Save button, would cause the Task to be marked as assigned, but the Team would not have the Task assigned to it.
Dropping a new Task will now immediately be executed and transmitted. Manually changing a Task will cause a warning to be displayed when trying to switch to another Team without first saving the changes.
It is no longer allowed to drop a single Task into two different Teams. If you want to assign a single Task to two or more Teams, you first have to make copies of it, with different Task ID's.
- New: Operations Log: There is a new option for marking a Log Entry: Mark as "To be Done". For situations where the Log entry is not 'Open', but also not 'Done'.
- Fix: Operations Log: When Marking a Log Entry ('Mark as ...'), the list will no longer jump to the bottom, but will stay where it is.
- New: People Import/Export now has the capability to select the GroupID to Import, or to only Export own GroupID. This *requires* that all People have their GroupID added, so that SARTrack knows to which Group they belong to.
- Fix: When Exporting People, SARTrack will now add a character 'P' in front of the PHONE numbers, to prevent any Spreadsheet program stuffing up the phone numbers (by removing the leading '0' or '+'). During Import this character is removed again.
- Fix: Assignment Type pulldown lists where missing some entries, which caused them to be empty on assignment.
- Change: I decided to completely remove the "Team Info" window, as this was of limited use and tool a lot of resources. The important Team Status window has not been changed.
- Change: I removed the 'Manage Teams' button in Team Setup. Instead, all Team pull-down windows (for example in New Log Entry) will ONLY show Teams which have *People assigned* to them. This means that if you use a system where new Teams are generated every additional day in a large Operation, ONLY Teams which are still active (because they have People in them) will appear in the pull-down lists.  However, in the 'Tab List' of the 'Team Setup' and 'Team Status' ALL Teams are visible, but they can be hidden from the Tabs as required.
- Change: In addition to above, the automatically generated 'Team' entries "Operations" and "General" have been removed. Instead I made room for Team entries "IMT" and "EOC" which will always show up in pull-down lists even if they do not have People assigned to them. But you will have to generate them yourself, as different countries use different names.
- New: Historic Operations: It is now possible to *delete* old Historric Operations from the list. In the Operation Log window, in 'Options>Load Historic Operations', you can now not only select one Operation to load, but also 'check' any Operations you want to delete, and delete these. What this does is delete them from the *list*. The actual Historic Operations will remain on the Server(s) but are basically inaccesible.

Database Server:
- New: Activated the extra TCP port for use with the upcomming Android App.
- Fix: Problem after a 'Connection Refused' from the Master Server, would not reconnect anymore until restarted.
- FIX: Once again I have to fix problems with the People database structure. Due to the fact that I was asked to make the "MemberID" editable, I got in all kinds of problems with the internal People ID which keeps track of the records.
I now had to make yet another change to fix problems with People doubling up, or being overwritten during a People Import because either the MemberID was edited (in different sites) or other changes where made.
It is possible you may have lost some People from your database, of have double entries (with edited MemberID's).
Please check your People database after updating and restarting your Database Servers and SARTrack Clients. Any major problems, please email me.
*** Please make sure you update ALL your Database servers ar the same time to avoid unexpected issues with the People database, and also restart any open SARTrack programs to force a refresh of the database.

Version 0.9.776C
25 January 2018
- Maps: Unfortunately I had to remove all OpenWeather "Weather Overlay" maps, as the limitations for the 'Key' are so low, nobody could use it anymore. I recommend using the 'OpenPortGuide' Weather overlays.  I also changed the OpenWeather 'Key' for the option "Get Current Weather at Location" on the Map (right-click), which sends a request to the OpenWeather server, and which also did not work anymore due to the same problem.
- Fix: Station Beacons directly send via Database, Timeout and screen updates did not work correctly (Last heard).

Version 0.9.776B
19 December 2017

SARTrack: SAR Only:
- Fix: In the People>Import_People window, the imported People where not transmitted  to the Database Server.

- Database Server 0.9.776C:
- Fix: A problem in the ServerMonitor.exe program causes a lockup when the Monitor is trying to Shutdown the Database Server.  Because of this problem, you may find that doing an Update, both the Monitor program and possible also the Server will lock up.
The best way to Update the Monitor program now, is to try and shutdown the Server from the Monitor (click on the Monitor Icon in the Windows Icon tray, and select "Shutdown Server"). If the Server or Monitor seem to lock up, kill them from the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and after making sure that both are in fact closed, download and install the latest Server package from the website at . This will fix this problem, and on future Updates, the Monitor will be able to properly shutdown, Update and Restart the Database Server.
- Fix: Server and Monitor: They will now respond better to a Windows Shutdown, at which point both will close immediately, instead of sometimes causing a delay in the Windows shutdown procedure.
- Fix: Local Database Server: A problem where during a very bad connection with an Internet Master Server the Local Server would not be able to reconnect, and got into an endless loop. The Local Server will now completely restart after 2 minutes, if it has not received a full Sync from the Internet server in that time.

Version 0.9.775
11 December 2017
SARTrack: SAR Only:
- Fix: In the People Management window, when the list was filtered (searched), a person could not be selected when clicked upon.
- Fix: Closing Operation did not clear People which Status was "Resting" or "Departed".
- Fix: TeamSetup>Print: Did not work after the first time.
- Fix: TeamSetup>Tasks: When selecting a Task by right-click on it, to change its Status, it would not select the the actual Task from the list, except when this was first clicked on with left-click. As a result the wrong Task could be changed.
- New: Objects Window: It is now possible to multi-select Objects, right-click and select 'Hide' or 'Re-Active' for entire groups of Objects at the same time (in SAR mode only). This will make it much easier to hide many objects on the Map when it get overloaded with Icons and/or Tracks.

Database Server:
- Fix: Due to a problem with the previous conversion (to add an internal ID to all People so you can edit the MemberID), duplicate People DTBID's may exist in the People database. This update will correct and repair the People database.
Unfortunately it is possible that some People will lose their current Status (e.g they will be marked as 'Unknown').
*** Please make sure you update ALL your Database servers ar the same time to avoid unexpected issues with the People database, and also restart any open SARTrack programs to force a refresh of the database.
Sorry about this.

Version 0.9.775
28 November 2017
Due to a unavoidable structural change in the People database system, ALL SARTrack Servers and Clients MUST now be updated to the latest version.
The German and New Zealand Internet Database Servers have now been upgraded to Version 0.9.775, and will ONLY accept incoming connections with the SAME Version number.

I have written a technical explanation of the way the SARTrack Client-Server system works. For those who are interested in how it all works, and WHY the Updates are the way they are, please have a read through it:

- Local Maps: The way SARTrack deals with 'Local Maps', Image files which are manually installed on a SARTrack Client, has been improved. There is now a new button in the Map window which will open a list of all available Local Maps, and right-clicking on an area where a Local Map is available, will enable you to directly load this Map and bring it to the top.

SARTrack SAR Only:
- People window: It is now possible to change the 'MemberID' of People. This will make it possible to fix any People who where added on-the-fly during an Operation, when their organization's ID was not available. Many other internal changes where made to fix problems with the Availability system, which will be expanded as soon as the upcoming Android App can be used to pre-program when People (Members) are available or unavailable into the future.
- The Database structure for the new 'Comms Plan' is now installed, the actual user interface will follow shortly.
- Database Server: A internal rewrite of the actual TCP Server system has fixed a rare (but critical) problem of the Server going into a 'race condition' which required a server reboot.
Also, an intermittent problem caused by certain network errors, after which a Local Database Server could no longer reconnect to the Internet Master Server, has been fixed.
- Many other small fixes and improvements in the SARTrack Client.

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