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SARTrack Update history to 10-2014

Version 0.9.649 Beta
01 October 2014

- Important bug fix for SAR users: The Operations Log would not be properly transfered to other SARTrack computers over an APRS connection, due to a fault in the decryption system. This bug was introduces a few versions ago. Please update ALL your SARTrack computers to this version.
- New Zealand users: The NZTM coordinates would not display on the Map, if you did not have SARTrack set up in 'Hobbit' (New Zealand) mode. Which is only possible if you have installed the 3 Gb of NZ Topo maps. It will now display NZTM coordinates regardless of the NZ or International version.
- Update of the Polish language file.

Version 0.9.648 Beta
12 September 2014
- New Brazilian Portuguese language added.
- Removed Passcode check in APRS 'Local Server', so a passcode is no longer needed to connect multiple SARTrack computers together on the local LAN.

Version 0.9.647 Beta
25 August 2014
Fix: Operations Log would accept any Log entry when it was transmitted and received un-encrypted. This  normally would never happen, except when I was testing on a server...
Fix: SAR Supervisor password was not saved after change.
- Removed all SQL stuff, as it was not used.
- Safety features in SAR Operations Log added.

Version 0.9.646 Beta
15 August 2014
- NEW: Polish language file added. Select Setup>Language to change.
- Fixed some issues with colors of Tabs in Teams window.
- Teams window: New option: Right-click on Tab to change Tab Color, also linked to Track Color on Map.
- Fix: TNC KISS decoding caused data corruption and looping under heavy load in certain conditions.

Version 0.9.645 Beta
10 July 2014
- Fix: Some errors when changing Operation Log Status.
- Fix: During Forward To Internet from a TNC, the Path was incomplete. This bug was introduced in v0.9.636 during the Unicode conversion.
- Improved the SARTrack Installation package. When re-installing over the top of an existing SARTrack installation, some settings and files where overwritten, despite the fact that the timestamp of the existing files where newer than the files in the installation. This is now hopefully fixed, and all settings and config files should now no longer be overwritten.
- Improved SARTrack application Icon.

Version 0.9.644 Beta
10 June 2014
SAR Only:
- Fix: SAR Log Status changes did not transmit from Server to Clients, only other way around.
- Fix: Log Status change to "Mistake" where not transmitted properly.
- Fix: Log Status changes are now transmitted encrypted.

Version 0.9.643 Beta
9 June 2014

- NEW: Added Indonesian language file.
BARU: Ditambahkan file bahasa Indonesia. Mengubah bahasa Setup.
- Fix: Setup>This_Station: Overlay character as number dit not work correctly. Also added protection against invalid characters entered.
- Fix: Better protection against invalid PHG radiorange data

Version 0.9.642 Beta
4 June 2014

- New: You can now add an Overlay character on your own Station's icon, in Setup>This_Station.
- Fix: Station Overlay characters where not always rendered or updated.
- Fix: The Message Chatwindow was broken, would not update some of the messages.
- Fix: Additional error recovery in the TNC KISS decoding engine in case of corrupted serial data.

Version 0.9.641 Beta
3 June 2014

- Fix: When a GROUP Message comes in, it will now open a Chat window and play a sound.
- Fix: Forwarding from TNC to APRS Internet Servers did not work anymore.
- Added: Query button. There is a new "Query" button in the Message window which will send a APRS "Status" request to the selected Station.  SARTrack stations will respond with the Version, SAR/HAM and Windows version.

Version 0.9.640 Beta
30 May 2014
- Various fixes, improvements and safety features in the Operation Log system.

Version 0.9.638 Beta
27 May 2014

- FIX: Version 0.9.637 had a compability problem with existing databases (caused by my new compiler). This is restored to normal in this version. You may not be able to load the databases saved by version 0.9.637.
- UPDATE: The Update program has been updated. This version will be able to load all language files.
- NEW: German language now available. To get this now, download and install the latest SARTrack installation package at .  Just re-install over the top of the existing installation.  Then in Setup>General select the German language.

SAR Only:
- FIX: When Historic Data was loaded, it would Expire some Stations and Objects during load.
- FIX: Switching between Active Operations, and/or Historical data would mis switching some databases.
- Added more protection against user errors in the switching of Operations.
- NEW: The Operations Log now saves all Log Entries in a TEXT based logfile, which is appended on a entry-by-entry basis. This means that whatever happens, except a complete harddisk crash, the Log will always be available for printing. The file is stored in the \Documents\SARTrack\ directory, and called OperationsLog_YourOpsName.txt.

Version 0.9.637 Beta
25 May 2014
- Bug fix. The Setup window did not close due to an internal error.

Version 0.9.636 Beta
20 May 2014

- FIX: The Update program from version 0.9.635 does not work! You MUST Update SARTrack by downloading and installing the full SARTrack package from the website at
- Fix: AIS decoding debug Log reported incorrect warning.
- Unicode: SARTrack should now be fully compatible with Unicode. This means that Messages and Logs with special Unicode (Polish, Russian, etc) characters should now be transmitted and received correctly.
- Encryption now also supports Unicode strings.
- The Registration file has been replaced with an unicode version.

- LANGUAGES: SARTrack is now capable of switching languages. Volunteer Translators for several countries are currently working on the translation, and these will be added as soon as they are (more or less) complete.
- Windows 8 Tablets and Touch screens: Improved touch Zooming in the OSM Map window.

SAR version only:
- NEW: Operations Menu window. In the Main Menu window, the button "SAR Log" has been replaced with "Operations". This button will open the new "Operations Menu" window, which by default appears direct under the Main Menu window, and will replace the Connection Menu at that location if this is showing.
From the new Operations Menu, you can now open all the SAR Operations related windows: The main "SAR Log" window, the "Time Line" (Whiteboard) window, the new "Teams" window and the "Overview" window (previousely called "Log Status" window)
- NEW: TEAMS window. You can now monitor the status of your Teams in a special Tabbed window. The Tabs have the same color as the 'Track Color' on the Map window (if available), and the Tab will _flash_ when new data comes in for that Team. The Tabs are linked to the "Reference" field in the Operations Log. As some of these references may not be Teams at all, you can _hide_ any Tab which you do not require.
- NEW: SUPERVISOR PASSWORD.  A Supervisor Password is now required to be able to start or close SAR Operations. The first time you open the main SAR Operations window, a large information box will appear, and require you to enter a Supervisor Password. As SARTrack currently does not have a central database, you should FIRST bring all other SARTrack computers online, so they are all connected. This can also be done over the Internet APRS-IS network. Then, when you enter the new Password, all other computers will be set as well. Any SARTrack computers in your Group which are NOT online at the time, MUST be set to the same password manually later, else a Password conflict will arise.  Please make SURE that the entering of the first Supervisor Password is done by a person who is allowed to start and close SAR Operations in SARTrack.
- Fix: SAR Log: Reception of very large Log entries would not rebuild the Line Breaks for display.
- New: SAR main Log window: A body of a large Log entry will now be shown at the start of the Log entry, not at the end.

Version 0.9.635 Beta
11 April 2014

- SECURITY UPDATE: OpenSSL libraries updated to version 1.0.1g to fix the Heartbleed Bug ( ).  NOTE that these are the OpenSSL libraries used by SARTrack ONLY, there may be other programs on your computer which have their own (old) copies of the SSL libaries in use.  Make sure to update Windows, and all your Web browser, Email  and other programs.
- Fix: When Weather overlays where loaded, they did not immediately refresh, only after the automatic timing was run (which can be 15 minutes)
- Added: Option to attach the configuration file during a Debug report.
- Other: Some internal changes.

Version 0.9.634 Beta
4 April 2014

- Fix: When using an Extended Desktop, (Extra monitor or video projector), SARTrack will now correctly replace any Map windows on the second monitor, after a restart. Also, will now save the Window State (Minimized, Maximized) between sessions.
- Fix: ACK Messages where sometimes also transmitted over Radio, while the originating message came from a Station via  Internet.
- Beacon: In Setup>This_Station there are now two settings for the Beacon Interval: Normal and when a GPS is connected. The new defauls are 15 minutes for normal operation, and 1 minute when a GPS is connected (for mobile operation).
- Fix: Bulk download would not save the database after the download, if it not already existed on disk to start with.
- Fix: Overlay characters on Station Icons did not work.
- Sending of SMS messages (from the Message window) is now enabled in SAR mode, but this only works when connected to a private SARTrack APRS server. Please note that SARTrack Limited has to PAY for the sending of SMS messages, so only use when really needed.
- New: The popup information balloon for Objects has an extra Info line. When extra information is available, this will be displayed there. When the information exceeds the size of the balloon, you can read all information by hovering the mouse pointer over the info line. AIS vessel objects now display the vessel type, size, destination and radio callsign in the popup balloon, and also in the Information field of the Objects window.  LKP circle systems (SAR only) now display the Initial Direction of Travel there.
SAR Only:

- Fixed a whole range of issues with the SAR Operations Log, including the Export files.  Internal changes now make sure that any incoming Log entries will only be added to the Active Operation Log for which they are intended, as every Log entry now also has the Operation Name attached.

Version 0.9.632 Beta
18 March 2014
SAR Only: Critical bug fix: The SAR Group ID number would get corrupted during transmission, only with certain ID numbers, and only with certain Unicode used by Windows (depending on the Country you are in).  The GroupID code in encrypted messages and most importantly, the Operations Log is now transmitted in a different format to prevent this. All SAR users, make sure you update ALL your computers to this version, as this system is not backwards compatible with the previous versions.

Version 0.9.631 Beta
16 March 2014

- Fix: Mic-E decoding now decodes Custom status properly, and will not cause an Alarm on a Custom-6 message.
- Fix: Objects Timestamps where not decoded propery from APRS servers, would cause immediate Timeouts to occur.
- Objects window would no refresh after timeout of objects.
- Fixed some issues with AIS decoding.
- Improved performance in the Objects database (especialy when there are many Objects)
- Change: AIS (Vessel Tracking) packets, when Forwarded to Internet, will only be forwarded with a minimum interval of 60 seconds. AIS Packets are transmitted every 10 seconds, which is causing a to heavy load on the APRS system.
NOTE that it is NOT ALLOWED to forward AIS packets to the global APRS-IS Amateur Radio network. You are only allowed to forward these Vessel Trackers to PRIVATE APRS Servers, or the FireNet network.
- Various other fixes.

Version 0.9.630 Beta
11 March 2014

- New: The time the popup Info balloon will stay on the Map can now be set in Setup>Maps. Default 10 seconds.
- Fix: AGWPE Connect was not saved between sessions.
- Fix: Decode FleetSync was broken
- Fix: 2 bugs in OSM Bulk DownLoad.

Version 0.9.629 Beta
7 March 2014

- Fix: Check for multiple SARTrack Servers on the LAN did not work. I now checks for both the local APRS server, and the SQL Server.
- AIS decoding: Added Message Type 18 and 24 to decode position reports of Class B CS vessels. Also added message type 9, which decodes Search and Rescue Aircraft, with an AIS Tracker onboard.
- Fix: The Object Information field sometimes contained data from the previous Object send by same station.
- Change: Import of GPX file Tracks will now convert these into *Objects* instead of Stations. Should have been like that from day one. Don't know what I was thinking at the time.
- Fix: GPX Tracks and Waypoints with comma's in the names and references would not decode.
- NEW: New Track rendering. The Tracks on all the Maps will now by default look different. They are now 4 pixels wide, with the Waypoints as a 4 pixel wide Dot inside the Track, in an inverted color. They are always visible, regardless of the Zoom level. 
If you don't like it, you can change back to the original system, with the optional track width, and Waypoint which are large Dots, but which are only visible from Zoom lever 14 and higher. To change the Track Type, in the Map Options, select "Map Setup" and change the Track Type. (1) = original; (2) = new format.
NOTE that the "Options>Tracks Show only Waypoints" will override the Track Type settings (until the next restart).

Version 0.9.628 Beta
25 February 2014

- New: SARTRack will now update the Last Heard date/time from Stations (Repeaters) which are in the PATH of the incoming APRS packet. This means that Digipeaters from which no _beacon_ is received, will still be updated in the Stations list, when they are repeating a packet from another station. It does require that the station (Digipeater) in the PATH already exists as a station in the stations list, that is, a Beacon must first have been received from it. A Digipeater which does NOT send out any beacon from itself, will not show up in the list, even if it does appear in the PATH of another repeated Station.
- Fix: An Object which was removed (hidden) and then re-activated by another station, would not always re-appear on the Map, despite the fact it was marked as 'Active' in the Object list.
- Fix: The Passcode Request button in Connections_Setup>IServer did not work.
- New: 'Maps>Options>Tracks Show only Waypoints'. When checked, only the Waypoints of any tracker will be shown, and not the connecting lines. This setting is NOT saved on exit. (Note: Right-click on a Waypoint will give information about it)

Version 0.9.626 Beta
20 February 2014

- Fix: TNC Baudrate could not be changed.
- Fix: When removing an Object, if would not remove on other computers
- SAR Only: Rewritten the Warning system. When an Emergency or Priority beacon is reaceived, or a 'Panic button' signal from a GPS Microphone, the Warning box will appear on the screen. The system can now cope with multiple Warnings at the same time. A Warning Object will be created at the location where the beacon was first received, so even if the originating Tracker moves away, the original location is still on the screen. From the Warning box, you can select various options to deal with the situation.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 0.9.625 Beta
15 February 2014

- Fix: AIS: Critical bug in the AIS decode system, where the AIS vessels where not plotted unless 'ForwardToInternet' was enabled, which is exactly what it should NOT do. AIS data should NOT be forwarded to the APRS-IS network due to the massive amount of data being transmitted.
- Fix: SATTime did not refresh on Stations
- Fix: Compressed APRS location data was not properly decoded for Objects.
- Fix: The Connection_Setup>TNC>Edit_TNC button did not work. Now it does.
- Fix: Transmission of PolyLines (Search areas etc) has been improved. Polylines transmissions are now saved between sessions, will re-transmit correctly after an Edit, and the 'Ownership' can be changed without problems.
- New: SARTrack will do a _cleanup_ on startup. If more than 30 Debug files are found, it will ask you if you want to delete them. Just say Yes.
- NEW: From the NEXT Update, SARTrack Update will download all files from the European server, instead of the New Zealand server. This will be faster for most users. Also fixed an intermittant error in the Update prpgram which would cause errors to occur, while in fact the download was successful.
- SAR Only: Changed: The 'Update' button on the Map windows, which will request an Update from another SARTrack computer for available Objects, Tracker details and Polylines, will now only work for the local SAR Group-ID. That is, SARTrack computers from another SAR Group will not respond to the request. This change is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of SARTrack, you must Update ALL your SARTrack computers to the latest version.

Version 0.9.624 Beta
11 February 2014

- Fix: Overhauled the 'Object Time' system. Due to the fact all Objects supply the Object Time in a different way, this got really messy. It should now work more consistently. This affects the Timeout and Expire of Objects, especially Tracking Objects like satellite trackers, GPS Microphones etc.
- Fix: Some improvements of the Manage IFeeds window.
- Added: IFeeds>InReach_trackers can now set up Time conversion when the website is not reporting the time in UTC but instead a "Local Time".  SARTrack ***STRONGLY*** recommends that you setup the Time reporting of InReach trackers to UTC!  Having the website reporting on some Local timezone will make it nearly impossible for any users NOT in YOUR local timezone to make it work correctly, unless they set the offset up manually AND it is not changing due to Daylight saving.  Trackers will incorrectly be considered expired (and will not show at all) or TimeOut and will appear with a yellow warning label when the (calculated) UTC time is incorrect.
You can find this in the DeLorme website, under: My Personal Info; At the bottom is the Time Zone selection. Set to UTC.

- Fix: Tracks would dissapear from the screen when zooming in to far. This will no longer happen.
- Fix: AIS decoding via COM port would not work.
- Change: When SARTrack Beta expires after 2 months, it will allow you to run it for another 2 months, before refusing to run. While SARTrack is in BETA and under heavy development, please UPDATE regularly, and make sure ALL your PC's run the same version, to avoid incompabilities.
- Lots of smaller bug fixes and improvements.

Version 0.9.623 Beta
7 February 2014
- Fix: After adding a Line (PolyLine, Search Area) the Map windows and Object window where not refreshed, so the Line would not show up there.
- Fix: In the Google window, Icons would not be found on right-click. NOTE: The Google window has never worked very well, as it is based on Google Static Maps, which is extremely limited. Please use the standard OSM window instead, and use one of the Satellite Maps available (with the Google Features Overlay if required)
- Fix: Stations and Objects which are tracked with a satellite timestamp, are now protected from getting updates with an out-of-date timestamp, which would cause invalid tracks to appear on the maps.
- Fix: Station and Object Tracks sometimes would not show on Maps.
- Fix: AGWPE and AISTCP Panels could not be hidden in the Connection Menu. Now they can.
- Added: In the Main Setup, I have added a Tab to get into the Connections Setup, as some people cannot seem to find it. (The right way is: Click on the mini Connect panel at the bottom of the Main Menu to open the Connect Panel, and on the top you can click on the Connection Setup button)
- Fix: In Setup>Maps changing the MaxTrackParts did not work.
- Fix: Editing the Overlay Character in Edit Object was not saved properly.

- NEW: GPS Microphone interface for "GPSMic". The data from this GPS mike can now be decoded, and SARTrack can send Poll (Location request) to the GPS Mikes in the field. Right-click on the Tracker Object, and select 'Request Position from..."
Please read the new document about Tracking with GPS microphones, Track your Teams With GPS Mikes
I also updated the document:  How To Track Your Teams.  Added more information on SmartPhone trackers and extended the pro's and con's of GPS Mike trackers and satellite trackers.

Version 0.9.622 Beta
1 February 2014
- The Google window works again... Google had dropped the API for Sartrack Limited for the Static Maps, I have no idea why that happened. I re-activated it, and all works as before.
- Fix: Map popup Info balloon now shows how long ago Station was heard in hours, minutes and seconds.
- Added: The popup Info balloon now also shows this for Objects (Especially moving Object Trackers)
- Fix: The Debug log will now scan for multiple identical Debug entries, and stop adding these to the Debug log. Instead it will do a count and report the amount of identical Debug entries. This will stop an overload when a stack of identical errors occur.
- Fix: In Maps>Options>Show_only_Trackers now also includes Tracker Objects (Satellite trackers, GPS Mikes,FleetSync etc.) Note that all these trackers are converted into Objects, and can therefore be found in the Objects window, not in the Stations window.
- Fix: Editing a Station (Tactical, TrackColor) would not transmit these changes to other SARTrack computers.
- Lots of other minor fixes and improvements.
- Change: I have disabled ForwardToInternet for AIS feeds from the Internet. You can now only forward AIS (shipping) data to the APRS if you have your own AIS receiver.
- Change: The filenames and location of the database files have been changed. They will be moved automatically on startup.
- The Priority Warning window (which pops up when a MIC-E message with 'Priority or Emergency is received) now has additional buttons: 'Clear' and 'Show on Map'. Clear will reset the station to its normal settings. However, when a NEW Priority packet is received, it will come back. 'Block' will block the station permanently.
- NEW: Added new GPS Microphone decoding, "GPSMic". More on this specific microphone will be posted in the SARTrack Google group and SAR maillist later.
SAR Only:
The SAR Operations Log has been changed. It can now be closed, after which SARTrack will behave as in HAM mode. The Operations Log must be closed after a maximum of 2 weeks, SARTrack will ask for this on Startup. More info on this in the Google Forum and SAR mailing list.

Version 0.9.621 Beta
24 January 2014

- Fix: Did not decode a Station Information field if a Tactical was also present.
- Fix: Added IFeeds to the new Connection Menu, because if you closed the IFeeds Panel there was no way to get it back :)
- Added extra row to mini Connection status at bottom of Main Menu.
- Fix: OSM Map Tiles which do not exist on the Servers, are now properly marked in the database, so the system does not retry to download them all the time. This gives a major performance improvement in those situations.
- Fix: Decoding of Objects did not decode the Course, only the speed.
- More internal improvements in the Connections Setup window.
- The popup Info balloon on the OSM and NZTopo maps will now disappear after 5 seconds.
- NEW: AIS Vessel Position decoding. You can now connect to an AIS Receiver, OR an AIS Internet Server, and display ships position on the maps. Read the Help on AIS for more details.

Version 0.9.620 Beta
20 January 2014

- Improved performance during loading of the Station list, and the processing of Expiry and Timeouts.
- Fixed internal beacon so that your own location shows on the map.
- Fixed new bug where LKP Circle system from another computer was not properly decoded.
- Added new button in the Operations Log, 'New Log Entry', "Edit" which will enable you to add a new 'Log Type / TimeLine' on the fly, while entering data in the Log.

Version 0.9.619 Beta
19 January 2014

- Fixed font size in Status Bar's of Map windows. Now smaller so you can see all data. Also prevents Microsoft to override the size.
- Fixed a range of issues relating to Objects. Standard Objects can now have their Icon and Overlay character changed after they have been set initially. The Add_Object and Edit_Object windows now have the Overlay Character working properly.
- Tracker Objects which have been converted from IFeeds, Kenwood FleetSync and GPS Microphones can now have their Icon, TrackColor and Tactical call changed, and they will stay that way even if the original Tracker data is stil transmitting the default Icon, Tactical etc.
- Fixed critical error where the Automatic Server connect did no longer work, due to the SQL database development having left behind an incorrect internal setting.
- Fixed bugs in the new Connection Settings menu.
- Removed the separate 'Internet' Beacon from the system. There is now only one Beacon.

Version 0.9.618 Beta
18 January 2014

- Fixed the problem with the mini connection panel not displaying properly sometimes.

Version 0.9.616 Beta
17 January 2014

- Fixed issue with Beacon timing after a GPS was connected and then disconnected.
- Fixed Ifeeds (Internet Feeds) Decode Timestamp for InReach data.
- Change: IFeeds with expired Trackers will be dropped immediately, instead of being reloaded every time and _then_ expired, which also caused the Operations Log to fill up with automatic entries. Only non-expired Tracker objects will now show in the Objects window. Timed out Objects will show in yellow. Expiry and Timeout can be changed in Setup>Timeouts>Tracker_Objects.
- Fixed issue with automatic Operation Log entries failing when to close together (all in the same 1 milisecond).
- Removed excessive debug data in IFeeds, improving performance.
- Added new decoder for the 'WinTec' GPS Microphone (pre-2007 model). More GPS Microphone decoders are on the way.
- Lots of internal changes and fixes .

- Completely new Menu system for all TCP and COM Port connections for Tracking devices. SARTrack can now decode not just APRS data, but also data from Kenwood FleetSync radios, Satellite Trackers, GPS Microphones and shortly also AIS shipping tracking data.
To accomodate this, all Connection panels are now in a sepparate window, which is tacked below the Main Menu window, but which can also be moved elsewhere on the screen. If it is tacked under the Main Menu, it will move with the Menu.
At the bottom of the Main Menu is now a mini panel with 8 colored blocks, which shows the connection status of all available devices. By clicking on this panel, the main Connection window can be toggled on and off. Moving your mouse over it will show the connection status of all devices.

On the new Connection window, you can click on any of the available panels, and select Connect/Disconnect, Hide Panel and Setup Device. The latter will open a brand new Setup window for Connections only, where you can set up all devices. All Connection settings have been removed from the main Setup window.
HAM users will now also be able to use all these options, but if you do not want to see all the connection panels you don't need, select 'Hide Panel' and it will dissapear.
To get a hidden panel back, click on the Setup button on top of the Connections window to open the Connection Setup, and connect to the device. This will re-activate the panel for that device.
Please report any problems with the new Menu system.

Version 0.9.614 Beta
4 January 2014

- Fix: TNC and GPS Setup did not show COM port on open.
- Fix: Touch Screen/Tablet Panning did not refresh the Maps.
- GPS: Added baudrate 38400 for the GPS port. NOTE: I recommend using the standard 4800 baud if possible, as this greatly reduces the load of decoding the GPS data.
- Fix: Importing GPX file did not decode Waypoints due to internal error.
- Partial fix: Trying to prevent Windows overriding the Font size in SARTrack windows, as this caused Menu's to become unreadable when the global font size is increased by 125% or 150%. I cannot fully prevent this under Windows 7 and 8. Still working on it. I recommend that you do not use the Windows option to increase the Font size.
- Fix: Setup>Stations. Now use pulldown menu for Station select, and prevent blocking when changing the Setup Tab.
- SAR Only: In OSM Map>Update I removed the 'All Stations' from the list. This button broadcasts a request for additional information to another SARTrack computer on Stations, Objects and PolyLines, but having ALL SARTrack stations reply to such a request proved to be a bad idea. You now must select a specific Station to request the data from. Note that this feature will currently not work for Polylines, this will be fixed later.
- Cleaned up the Stations window. Will now only show data in fields when it is valid, else fields will stay empty or say 'Unknown'.
- Added warning when the private APRS Server "" is selected from Setup/Server. This APRS Server is for New Zealand SAR groups only. SAR groups in the rest of the world should use the "" server, which is located at a major international Internet hub in the Netherlands.
- Disabled "Windows Themes" in the compiler. This was unexpectedly enabled when upgrading to the latest compiler, and is causing various display problems. This also means that all the Buttons in the program default back to their 'old' shape.

Version 0.9.613 Beta
6 December 2013
- More fixes in missing Color labels due to compiler bug.

Version 0.9.612 Beta
1 December 2013
- Fix (Already done in Version 0.9.611): Mouse Pointer would dissapear in SARTrack after using "Show Mouse Pointer".
- Fix: Google Map Window: Option "Terrain" did not work.
- Fix: A bug in the new Compiler caused many "Color Labels" in various windows to stay gray, instead of showing the selected Color. A work-around has fixed this issue.

Version 0.9.611 Beta
27 November 2013

- Improved database recovery in Stations and Objects in case of file corruption.
- Fix: TNC Modem and AGWPE "Forward-To-Internet" settings better enforced (Check your Setup)
- Fix: Beacon without coordicates would not transmit the Tactical call.
- Fix: Delete Polyline would not delete Object in Object window.
- Fix: Add LKP/PLS Ring system would not immediately transmit over network.
- Fix: "This Station" Tactical callsign would get tactical from an Object, if not already set.
- Fix: TNC, GPS and Kenwood Serial Port range extended from 40 to 60.
- Fix: Local Server would not allow connections from Clients with Callsign-SSID when Local Server used SSID -0.
- Fix: Server Automatic connect will now re-scan for a local SARTrack server if the connection fails, instead of trying the same IP address all the time.
- CHANGE: The Local Server now **REQUIRES** a valid APRS PassCode during Login! It will no longer allow a connection with an invalid or "0" PassCode from a Client. Note that the PassCode for any callsign is the same regardless of the SSID used, eg MYCALL, MYCALL-1, MYCALL-15 all have the same PassCode.

Version 0.9.610 Beta
7 November 2013

- Fix: Beacon no longer transmits version number. Also no longer transmits Speed or Altitude if these are zero.
- Fix: At smooth Zooming (Setup>Maps>FastZoom off) the overlays where not properly positioned on the OSM map.
- Fix: Tactical calls: Xastir compatible system is now by default OFF, and can be enabled in Setup>This_Station. This should ONLY be done when there is a real requirement for the SARTrack Tactical names to be broadcast to the Xastir and APRSISCE/32 programs. When you only use SARTrack, do not tick this option.
- Fix: Edit Object would not refresh the TrackColor.

Version 0.9.609 Beta
3 November 2013
- NEW: Windows-8 TABLET and TouchScreen support. SARTrack now has limited support for Touch Screens. SARTrack will detect when you have a Tablet. It will ask you if you wish to switch to TABLET mode. If you do, extra large Icons will be used in the Map windows, and you can now Zoom with the two-finger 'squeeze' movement. This is only available in the main OSM window and the NZ-Topo window, NOT in the Google window. The Touch Screen features are work-in-progress, not all SARTrack features will work properly on a Tablet, because the inherited limitations of the device, specifically: no Mouse pointer and no Mouse Movement detection.
You can emulate the 'right-click' by Touch-and-Hold your finger on the item. On the Maps, this will cause the usual Popup Menu to appear. In TABLET mode, the Setup>General>FastZoom is ignored: It will always zoom smooth when using the two-finger movement, however, the Zoom-In and Zoom-Out buttons will always zoom 'Fast', per OSM Zoom Level.
The Tablet larger pixel Icons are very simple... I would be very interested if anybody would be able to design new Icons for SARTrack... Email me if you could help.
- Improved Zooming and Panning in the OSM window. More work has been done to make the Zooming faster, when Setup>General>FastZoom is disabled (smooth zoom). Setup>General>Active_Panning is also better. More work is still done in this area.
- Fix: Replay Date/Time window now correctly displays in Local time, instead of UTC.
- Fix: GPS and some Trackers: Decode NMEA data with irregular Lat/Long data length is now decoded correctly. This affected some types of GPS units.
- TimeLine: Added protection limit for entries to far in the future (1 week).
- TNC Terminal now leaves Setup window open for convenience.
- Lots of smaller fixes.

NOTE: I changed the order of the Menu Icons in the Map windows, so group them better. You may find it a bit confusing at first, I did, sorry about that :)   Had to be done because of the TABLET Icons.

Version 0.9.608 Beta
30 October 2013
- GPS Port can now set the Baudrate.

Version 0.9.607 Beta
28 October 2013
- TCP Client which connects to an APRS Server will now accept Linux-style EOL lines, with only Ascii #10 at as EndOfLine.
- Fix: Local Maps where sometimes rendered in the background while not enabled.
- Fix: The Popup Details window no longer pops up on Hidden Objects and tracks.
- Fix: Disconnect Modem from Main Menu did not work.
- Fix: Prevent negative altitude in beacon transmission.
- SAR Only: Fix: SAR Log>New_Active_Log button was disabled and hidden.

Version 0.9.606 Beta
14 October 2013

- Objects: Add and Edit now have option "Broadcast Object" which is by default enabled. When un-checked the Objects will stay on the local computer only.
- Fix: Kenwood Fleetsync did not decode the transmitted TimeStamp properly.
- New Zealand TopoMap: Added full LKP/PLS Circle system.
- New Zealand TopoMap: Added Popup Details window.
- Fix: Transmit Message Bulletins used wrong identifier
- Fix: Replay would not start.
- Fix: Xastir Tactical transmission will send Cancel message when Tactical deleted. Also will not accept Tactical call which is the same as Callsign.

Version 0.9.604 Beta
11 October 2013

- Added Xastir Decoding/Encoding of Tactical Calls, so SARTrack and the programs Xastir/APRX+SA are now compatible in that area.
- This Update includes two DLL (Libraries) for OpenSSL (Secure Shell) which SARTrack requires to make secure HTTPS connecttions. These should have been included from version 0.9.600, else some of the new IFeeds will not work. The libraries will be copied into SARTrack's EXE directory.

Version 0.9.603 Beta
10 October 2013

- Added more safety features in new IServer Connect system (DNS server) and fixed a bug.
- Fix: Tracks of objects would re-appear on restart, after they where Hidden.
- Fix: Multi-part Lines will now also be transmitted over Radio, when "Setup>General>Send Objects Over Radio" is enabled (NOT recommended for normal use)
- Fix: Object windows "Last Change" fixed for Objects missing Year and Month information.
- OSM Map: Improved Details Window popup: Will show when multiple Icons are under the mouse pointer.
- Fix: OSM Map tiles where not properly saved on program exit.
- Fix: Local Maps did not render.
- SAR only: Added "Forward To Internet" and "Forward To Radio" to the Kenwood Fleetsync connection. You can now prevent SARTrack of transmitting the incoming Kenwood Fleetsync radios to the Internet or Radio (via TNC).

Version 0.9.602 Beta
6 October 2013
- Bug Fix: IServer would sometimes not resolve the IP address of the APRS Server.
- New: IFeed Trackers now Expire and TimeOut according to Setup/Timeouts: Tracker Objects. When they TimeOut, the label and Object Window entry will turn yellow. When they Expire, they will be Hidden from the Maps, but on program exit they will NOT be saved, and dissapear completely.

Version 0.9.601 Beta
5 October 2013
- Bug Fix: IServer connect failed to connect to plain IP address.

Version 0.9.600 Beta
4 October 2013
- This version of SARTrack has been  completely re-written for the internal use of "Unicode Strings" instead of the old "Ansi Strings".
All 100,000+ lines of code.
This was unfortunately required to make it compatible with various new modules which are now being used, as well to make SARTrack futureproof. While many small bugs have been found during the process, it is possible some new bugs have been introduced. Please check all functions of SARTrack which you normally use, and REPORT ANY PROBLEMS immediately (Using Debug/Report Bug).
The following internal databases are no longer compatible with the previous versions: Stations, Objects and Messages. These will be deleted when you start this version. The original (and backed-up) "SARLog" databases will stay accesible. Sorry for any inconvienience.

Please read through the following information, so you know about the new features:

- FIX: Local Server now prevents Login from other computer with same Callsign-SSID.
- Local Server now detects if another SARTrack computer on the local LAN is also set up as a Server, and will warn the user to disable one of them.
- Fix: Decode NMEA data did not decode $GPGGA properly.
- Fix: Track Waypoint Infobox missed Callsign after restart.
- Fix: Changed minimum vertical accepted Desktop size from 600 to 576.
- Fix: TNC KISS decoding failed when the Path was empty.
- Objects window changed. Added Speed and Course for moving Objects.
- Objects window now shows the "Last Change" time of the Object, instead of Last Heard transmission time. Last Heard is now available after the Information field.
- Objects window: Manual Filter will now update screen while you type. NOTE: Case sensitive.
- Stations window: Manual Filter will now update screen while you type.
- NEW: IFeeds (Internet Feeds). SARTrack can now connect to Satellite Tracking (and other Internet) Servers, and decode several Satellite Tracking systems. This currently includes: InReach, GuardianMobility (AFF), SpiderTracks and Spot. Also added the USA "National Weather Service Storm Spotters". Click on the IFeeds panel, Manage IFeeds, and select the Help to read about the use of the various systems.
- NEW: IServer connect can now rotate through multiple IP addresses (Servers), when using the APRS-IS address of "". Use Port 14580.
The IServers masterfile, which includes this address plus the sartrack private servers,  will also be updated.
- OSM Map window: Performance improvements in the rendering time. Also fixed a bad Bug. The **Zooming** can now be switched from Fast to Detailed. By default it is now in Fast mode. This means that when Zooming, the OSM map will step direct from one OSM level to another, without going through the 10 intermediate detailed steps. For many PC's this will be a better option. You can change this behaviour in Setup/Maps.  Note that I am still working on improving the rendering speed of the OSM Map window.
- NEW: Information balloon will popup when hovering over an Station or Object Icon on the OSM map (NZ Topo Map will follow). When there are more than one Icons under the mouse, right-click on the icon, select the Station or Object, and then select Details.
You can switch the automatic popup off in Setup/Maps.

- SAR Only: Fixed bug in Local Filters (Setup/SAR) where each time you would go into Setup/SAR the same lists would duplicate in the PullDown box, as it did not clear the old list on Show.
- SAR Only: "New SAR Operation" window now checks if Operations name already exists. 
- SAR Only: Added SQL to Main Menu, and fixed some allignment issues.
NOTE: The SQL system is not yet ready, and not enabled.

- Update Program: This has been changed so it will only Update HAM users when SARTrack HAM/General features are updated, NOT when SAR specific features are updated. Also several bug fixes.

Version 0.9.563 Beta
18 September 2013
- Fix: Waypoint information on Station and Object Tracks was missing (right-click on track-waypoint).

Version 0.9.562 Beta
17 September 2013

- Fix: problem with minimum accepted Monitor Size now fixed.
- SAR only: FIX: New bug from v0.9.561: Could not change the GroupID in Setup.

Version 0.9.561 Beta
4 September 2013

- FIX: Local Server now prevents Login from other computer with same Callsign-SSID.
- Fix: Decode NMEA data did not decode $GPGGA properly.
- Fix: Track Waypoint Infobox missed Callsign after restart.
- Fix: Changed minimum vertical accepted Desktop size from 600 to 576.
- Improved performance of rendering large amounts of Overlays (Icons, Tracks, etc.)
- SAR Only: Fixed bug in Local Filters (Setup/SAR) where each time you would go into Setup/SAR the same lists would duplicate in the PullDown box, as it did not clear the old list on Show.

Version 0.9.560 Beta
18 August 2013

- Fixed Font type in Main Menu. Please report if the Main Menu does not look correct in your country.
- Fixed reported problem (with beacon coordinates) in countries who use a comma as decimal delimiter.
- SAR only: Additional check for Object character CaSe in Object names.
- SAR only: Stations, Objects and Messages are NO LONGER EXPIRING. They will stay in the database permanently, until a new "Search" is initiated, after which the databases will be backed up completely, together with the Operations Log. These can then be reloaded in read-only mode for later evaluation. In HAM mode Stations, Objects and Messages will expire according to the Expire settings (in Setup/Timeouts).
- SAR only: On request, added new option in Setup/General: "Send Logs Over Radio". This option is for Emergency situations only, where (Internet) infrastructure has failed. In this situation it is now possible to use RADIO for all Operations Logs between SARTrack computers. This option should NEVER be used in normal SAR operations, as it may overload the APRS radio channel.
Note: When APRS Repeaters/Gateways are used in this situation, these should be set up to repeat/gateway _ALL_ APRS packets, not only position reports and Messages to local stations.

- Started the development of the SQL Database system for SAR use. In this Update all SQL modules are loaded in the SARTrack executable. This has made the EXE a bit bigger, but it should not affect the SARTrack in HAM mode, or in SAR mode with SQL disabled. However, please report any problems immediately. Note that while the SQL setup is now visible in the Setup/SAR window, it is not yet enabled, as I am still working on it. More on the SQL Database system later.

Version 0.9.559 Beta
30 July 2013

- Fix: Conversion error km <> miles in Object Edit and LKP Edit.
- SAR Only: Added distance to IPP/LKP Circles.

Version 0.9.558 Beta
30 July 2013
- Fix: LKP Circles would not re-transmit data correct after restart.
- Fix: Icon will now be decoded on a raw NMEA packet
- SAR Only: New 'Add Coordinates' windows for Lat/Long and NZTM in 'New LOG Entry'. (UTM not changed)
- Fix: In SAR mode, SARTrack will now block any attempts to add Objects with the same Object Name or Tactical name, but with a different Case. So an Object with a name of "MyObject" will be considered the _same_ as "myobject". In HAM mode these are _different_ objects (according to the APRS protocol). This will fix problems with the SAR Operations Log, when (Team) References are generated as Objects, but the operators will type the name in a different way ("Team 1" vs "team 1") which would cause two different Teams 1 to appear in the system.

Version 0.9.557 Beta
26 July 2013

- Fix: OSM Overlays rendering improved
- Fix: Objects "Remove" renamed to "Hide" and fixed a situation where they where Deleted instead.
- Fix: AGW Packet Engine: longstanding issue with Transmit data.
- Fix: Written a work-around for Import GPX files without a proper "name" in the WayPoints.
- SARTrack can now decode RAW NMEA packets, but as these do not have an ICON, a default APRS Icon of "Human Person" is used.
- SAR Only: IPP/LKP Statistical Rings now include Dispersion Angle lines and 'Travel Circle'. Please try it and give me some FEEDBACK.

Version 0.9.556 Beta
21 July 2013

- Fix OSM Map: "Map Type" Menu now properly updates after "Generate New OSM Maps" from INI files. New added Maps will now show immediately in the Menu.
- Fix OSM Map zooming: Some download threads where not cleared during zoom, causing extra delay during map tile downloads.

Version 0.9.555 Beta
20 July 2013

- Fix: Jump_To_Location did not work in NZTM mode.
- Fix: Messages window did not refresh after Delete.
- Fix: Various issues with Object Altitude and RadioRange. (Can now do both at the same time)
- New: You can now (finally) PRINT the Map of the Map windows. Right-click on Map, select Print Map.
- SAR only: Changed button name "Area" to "Line" on Maps. This is a multi-part line which can be used to draw Search Areas or tracks on the Maps. You must enter a unique name for each Line. You can now also change the ICON attached to the Line.
- SAR only: Operations Log/Options now lets you load a previous Operation, including Log, Stations, Objects, Messages and TimeLine.  This will suspend the current Operation. Please report any problems with this. (It is not compatible with earlier versions)
- Tracks: SARTrack can now save all Station and Object Tracks on program close, and reload them on Startup. This option is by default _enabled_ in the SAR mode, and by default _Disabled_ in HAM mode. You can change this in Setings/Map. Please note that when old Tracks are loaded on startup, the next Trackpoint received will cause a line between the last known position and the new location of the Station or Object. Even if they are on the other side of the country by that time. Therefore this option is NOT recommended for normal HAM use, and during SAR use, the Tracks wil be cleared  and backed-up (together with all Databases) when a new Search operation is started.

Version 0.9.554 Beta
13 July 2013

- Fix in Objects window: Some popup Menu items where not enabled.
- Fix in Overlay database: Stations and Object where not cleared on Map when Deleted.
- Fix DistanceBar and RadioRange incorrect in some zoom levels.
- Fix OSM BulkDownload which was broken.
- MouseWheel system: MouseWheel now works when the mouse is hovering over a Map or List, without having to click on it first. SO: Whatever is under the Mouse, will react to the MouseWheel, regardless if that window is on Top or not.
- OSM Map Zooming: Prevented Mousewheel Zoom to lag behind on slower PC's (Optional: See Setup/Map).
- OSM Map Active Panning can now be changed in Setup/Map. When enabled, will render the Map while Panning(Dragging), but won't work well on slow PCs.
- OSM Download Threads can are by default increased from 4 to 8, but can now be changed in Setup/Map. This sets how many connections are used simultaneously to the OSM Map Servers. If you expercience missing Tiles, you can change this back to 4, as it is possible some OSM Servers may not accept so many connections.
- Improved OSM Map zooming system.
- SAR Version: New IPP/LKP/PLS Ring system, based on the International Search and Rescue Incident Database, and specifically the book"Lost Person Behavior" by Robert J. Koester ( ) You can enter the data direct from the book, depending on the selected sitation.  On the main Map, right-click and select "Create IPP/LKP Circles).
I really would like some feedback from you on this new feature. Any extra bits I could add?

Version 0.9.553 Beta
25 June 2013

- Rebuild the internal Overlay database structure. This makes it possible to overlay new types of items on the Maps, and to save Tracks. Also improved performance.
- Waypoints on Tracks have now more information. Right-click on Track Waypoint for information. Waypoints become visible as round dots on the track, once you zoom in far enough.
- Bug fixes in TimeLine system

Version 0.9.552 Beta
17 June 2013

- Updated the Edit Object form, now also corrected for HAM/SAR use and Metric/Imperial/Nautical entry fields.
- Operations Log windows will now also respond correctly to arrow-up and arrow-down keys (click once on window to activate)

Version 0.9.551 Beta
16 June 2013

- Major improvment in OSM Map Zooming. Much finer zoom levels. Zoom Buttons in top-left corner now keep zooming while depressed.
- Improved OSM Map panning (See the Options menu in the OSM Mapwindow), but requires significant CPU. By default disabled. (Feedback welcome)
- Object Add form now includes Altitude or Radio Range. You can now generate Objects with a Radio Range circle. See note below regarding the SAR Version, which now deals with Object Range differently.

- Search Areas from remote stations are now also saved between sessions.
- In the Operations Log screen, the mouse-wheel will now scroll through the Log entries, while displaying the Body of the message immediately at the bottom.
- The Standard Operations Log screen can now be sorted by column, but will revert back to sorted by Time when a new log entry comes in.
- In the Log_Entry forms, the Reference field pull-down list is now saved between sessions, for the specific SAR Operation.
- EXPIRIMENTAL: Added LKP/PLS circles on Map. Note: These are based on the HAM Radio "Radio Range" circles. This means that in the SAR Version, they are now drawn differently than in the HAM version. HAM users should NOT be using the SAR version, else many things will not work as a HAM would expect. To draw LKP/PLS circles on the OSM Map window, select "Create Object" and set the LKP/PLS Range for circles on the Map. This feature is not finished, and will be improved later. Comments welcome.
- Multiple small improvements in the Log areas.
- Small fixes in various areas.

Version 0.9.550 Beta
2 June 2013

- Bug fix in Local Maps.

Version 0.9.549 Beta
30 May 2013

- Changed all Databases to use UTC (GMT) internally. This was a leftover from the time SARTrack was only used in New Zealand. This fixes the problem of SAR Log entries from outside the local TimeZone to display at the wrong local time (NOTE: Your existing Database entries will show an incorrect Time, until they are Updated by new data).
- Some small improvements in the SAR Log entry forms.
- Removed the PATH options from the Messages windows; They are now set internally.
- Removed "Two-Way-Traffic" and "Enable Igate" from TNC (Modems) Setup. They are now set internally.
- Added check for correct PassCode in Setup/APRS_Server. It will now reject an invalid PassCode, unless it is set to "0" (which means, it will connect in "Receive Only" mode).
- Fixed bug when changing the SAR Group ID in the Setup.
- Fixed bug where duplicate Messages would show up for 'Local SAR group'.
- Updated the Help file in the SAR Operations Log area.

Version 0.9.548 Beta
25 May 2013

- Changed the way OSM-User.ini file is created during first install and re-install.
- Fixed several bugs in Log windows
- Added Radio Channel to SAR Log Export files.

Version 0.9.547 Beta
22 May 2013

- Fix in Messages window: Clear Group checkbox after send.
- Fix in Stations window: "Last Min's" was not updated
- New: SAR Log now has new field "Radio Channel" on request. This is disabled by default, but can be enabled in the Options Menu. The Radio# field can only be added from the RadioOps Entry form.
- New: SAR Log Bulletin window. This window will show the LAST Log Entry entered for the selected Reference. The References are in many cases the Team names. Every time a new log Entry is entered relating to this reference, it will be updated on the Log Bulletin.
Left-Click will open Info window with full information.
Access the Log Bulletin from the main SAR Log window.  Please read more on this in the SAR Mailing list.
WARNING: Due to the extra Log field, the SAR Log of this version of SARTrack in incompatible with earlier versions. Please update ALL your SARTrack computer to this version!

Version 0.9.546 Beta
17 May 2013

- NEW: Local Filter changed. The Local Filter, which can filter all incoming traffic by Callsign, just like the APRS Server filter, has been improved.
It has been moved from Setup/General to Setup/SAR and is now only available in the SAR version.
You can now make as many Filters as you wish, each with its own Filter Name. Each filter can have as many (part of) Callsigns as you want. So, you can have one which includes all Callsigns of your SAR Group, and another which filters other callsigns.
You can now quickly change between Filters.
By default, the Local Filter is now disabled. If you currently use the Local Filter, you must activate it first in Setup/SAR.
The Help file for this section has been updated.

Version 0.9.545 Beta
16 May 2013

- Fixed bug in Stations windows: Timeout Stations where not displayed, and they should.
- Removed special Bulletin message. Bad idea.
- New option: Setup/Maps: "Show Tracks by default". This option, enabled by default, will allow you to disable rendering of Tracks when new Stations or Objects are received. When you disable this setting, no Tracks will be rendered on the Maps, unless you right-click on a Station or Object, and select "Show Track", or when you select "Show All Tracks". By NOT rendering ALL mobile stations, less CPU time will be used in cases when there are a LOT of mobile stations. If there are only a few mobile stations, there will be no performance difference.

Version 0.9.544 Beta
16 May 2013

- Fixed some issues during installation
- NEW: Broadcast of Message Bulletins. You can now broadcast Message Bulletins on a regular basis, which can be viewed on any APRS client which has a 'Bulletin Board' window. They also show up in the normal Message window, sequentially. Access from the Message window.
- New: I have added an option, enabled by default, which will add my callsign "ZL4FOX" to the APRS-IS filter and the Local Filters. This means that I will be able to send you a Message... It is really frustrating if I can see a SARTrack station somewhere in the world, but I cannot get back to it (to help) because I never can get through the local Filter(s) used by that station. Note: It only affects _incoming_ data from my station. Outgoing data is never filtered. However, you can disable this in Setup/general.
- New: Added an option, enabled by default, that the SARTrack station transmits a special Message Bulletin on a regular basis. This gives me, as a developer, a way to see how many SARTrack stations are on the air. You can disable this in Setup/General.
- Fixed several bugs in the Update program.

Version 0.9.543 Beta
14 May 2013

- Fixed final memory leak in OSM Map window.
- Fixed Icons flickering on OSM map on Station updates
- Some bug fixes and improvements in adding and removing Objects

Version 0.9.542 Beta
12 May 2013

- Messages: New option GROUP messages. You can add new Group Names, and when a message comes in for that Group, a new 'Chat window' will open for it. Also new option in Message window to send Message to Group.
- SAR Version: Messages: New option to send (broadcast) Message to all local GROUP, using the Group-ID.
- Messages: New window "Message Bulletins". This Bulletin window will show all APRS "BLN" Bulletins plus USR and Ausie Weather (and other) warnings, and update (replace) them when new ones come in. You can select what Bulletins you want to receive, and you can block bulletins from Station callsigns.
- ** NOTE: The option to _broadcast_ Bulletins will be added next update.
- Various Bug fixes in Messages system.

- Major performance improvements in the Stations and Objects windows. Tested it with 2500 Stations in the list, now works really fast. At 5000+ Stations however (full world feed) , things start to go wrong :) Do make sure you Filter properly, and set the Stations and Object Timeouts to usefull values. You really should have no more than a few hundred Stations in the list.
- Bug fix in Setup: New APRS Server.
- Bug fix in OSM Maps system. Some memory leaks plugged (when switching between Maps).
- NEW button in top-left corner of all main Windows: Bring open Window to front. This will enable you to find any open Window back which is hidden behind others or minimized, and bring it to front. This includes any Chat windows, which are shown by chat-name.

Version 0.9.540 Beta
4 May 2013

- Added Search and Rescue TimeLine window to SAR Log
- Added memory and CPU monitoring in Debug system
- Changed activation system (on first SARTrack install) to cover for SAR Group options. All SAR groups need a Group ID.
- Changed SAR LOG system in preparation of the new SQL Operations Management system. New Encrypting system and special Group ID for all SAR groups.
- SAR Log: Automatic entries now use Tactical callsigns for Stations and Objects.
- Fixed intermittant issues with OSM Map Tiles in wrong position
- Fixed Maps startup sometimes in wrong location.
- Small fix in AGW engine interface.
- Fix in TCP client and server (unicode removed).
- Fix in Map windows not properly clearing removed Tracks.
- Fix in Message system. Some Messages would not show up in list.
- REPLAY system will now de-activate all Live databases during Replay, and reload them on after Replay is closed.
- Added new button at top-left of all windows, to Show Main Menu when it is hidden or minimized.

Version 0.9.538 Beta
17 April 2013

- Bug fix: OSM Map window would lose last position and would default on start-up near Greenland...
- Bug fix: Canada Toporama Server caused incorrect Map Tiles to be displayed, due to a bug in the Toporama Server itself. Installed a work-around for this problem.
- Some more improvements in the OSM download system.
- Solved intermittant problem OSM Map window getting confused after panning

Version 0.9.537 Beta
17 March 2013

- Fixed multiple issues with the AGW Engine interface
- Fixed issue with Kenwood radios which are transmitting an illegal character after a Message ACK, so Messages did not get acknowledged.

Version 0.9.536 Beta
16 March 2013

- Improved Zooming in OSM Map window
- Various bug fixes
- Important Bug fix in Debug Report (incorrect Email password fixed)

Version 0.9.533 Beta
11 March 2013

- Fixed Own Station not showing on Maps (now correct)
- Small fix in Digipeat system
- Fixed bug in Message to RF

Version 0.9.532 Beta
9 March 2013

- Fixed Tactical not showing in Object list
- Fixed Own Station not showing on Maps
- Fixed some issues with Digipeating
- Fixed GPX file decoding. Would fail when no Altitude present.
- GPX Track decoding now adds Objects when a Comment on Track Point.

Version 0.9.531 Beta
4 March 2013

- Bug fix in Object Edit, did not update Timeout and date.
- Added "Permanent Object", which will not time out.
- Several improvements in interaction between Objects and SAR LOG.

Version 0.9.530 Beta
21 February 2013

- Bug fixes in Map windows
- Improved faster Zooming in OSM map window
- On startup, SARTrack will now open Map windows where open when SARTrack was closed last time.

Version 0.9.529 Beta
20 February 2013

- Important Bug fix in decoding Kenwood FleetSync radios.

Version 0.9.528 Beta
20 February 2013

- Some more improvements in decoding Kenwood FleetSync radios.
- Small Update of the Update program.

Version 0.9.527 Beta
20 February 2013
- Improved the rendering of Tracks.
- Fixed 'hide all tracks' not working
- multiple fixes in the Objects updating Icons and Tactical.
- SAR: Added "Block Station" in Priority Alarm system. Will permanently stop a station of generating Alarms.
- Fixed bug in Google Map window.
- Changes to the Object system. Objects can now act like Stations, with multi-color Tracks, timeout on Label, and more. Required for:
- SAR Mode only: Added decoding of Kenwood FleetSync Radios. The GPS location transmissions of the Kenwood FleetSync radios are converted to Objects, and broadcast over the APRS network. All other SARTrack PC's will show these as if they where actual Stations, including Tactical callsign, multi-color tracks, and timeout on Label. Later a two-way messaging system will also be added.
All SAR Groups: If you use these radios, please let me know.
Please read  additional information on the SARTrack Forum

Version 0.9.526 Beta
16 February 2013
- Critical bug fix introduced in version 0.9524. If you currently are running version 0.9524, the Update may not work. Just download the latest installation package here and install over the top of the current installation. 

Version 0.9.524 Beta
15 February 2013

- Rebuild the "Search Area' drawing and transmit system. You can now draw a Polyline of 26 points, and transmit this to all other SARTrack stations.
- Rebuild the _SAR_ function: Request Update for Search Areas, Objects and Trackers. On request, all other SARTrack stations will broadcast their known Tactical calls, Track Colors and Search Areas so all connected SARTrack stations will have the same information and overlays on the Maps. Button on all Map Window Menus ("Update") when in SAR mode.
- In SAR mode, all Objects will now be transmitted with a Track Color.
- Added Distance Measure tool. Finally...
- Fixed bug in MessageChat system.
- Fixed bug in Setup/Timeouts where Object Expiretime was swapped with Area expire (Please confirm your Expiry & Timeout settings in Setup/Timeouts)
- Fixed bug where double-click on Maps window top (to maximize) would cause maps to dissapear (Yes Max...)
- Improved Automatic Server connection (To SARTrack local server) and added extra confirmation when selected.
- Moved all REPLAY files to a sepparate directory in ..\Documents\SARTrack\Replay\ to clean up the directory.
- Replay system is now by default disabled  in the HAM version and  enabled in the SAR version. Disabling will improve performance (and diskspace) when a lot of traffic comes in. You can change this in Setup/General.

Version 0.9.523 Beta
8 February 2013

- Added new feature: Import GPS Tracks and Waypoints from GPX file. Under Map windows/Options.
- Bug fixes in the OSM map window; Local Maps did not display.

Version 0.9.522 Beta
6 February 2013

- Added new on-line Map: New Zealand Topo
- Added option: Bulk-download of OSM tiles (SAR version only)
- Improved flexibility in User-configurable OSM maps (read OSMMaps-User.txt in Document directory)
- Added new examples directory on the server, with lots of extra OSM-compatible maps.
- General improvements and fixes

Version 0.9.521 Beta
2 February 2013

- Added new Maps: USA Aero Maps, USA Weather Radar Overlay (1 minute automatic updates)
- Performance improvments in OSM downloads.

Version 0.9.520 Beta
1 February 2013

- Added new Maps: USA Forest Service, Overlay USA Contours
- Added new User definable OSM configuration file, including more Map examples which I cannot supply officially. Read the Forum en Help file for more information.
- Added new OSM Option: Re-generate OSM Database. This will generate a new database from OSM Tiles already on disk. It makes it possible to _merge_ the OSM directory from multiple computers.
- Added OSM Setup option: Select which OSM Maps to appear in the Map-Type Menu. (Options/Map Setup)

Version 0.9.519 Beta
29 January 2013

- Rebuild of OpenStreetMap Tile system
- Added capability to use Transparent Maps
- Added U.S.A. Topographical maps (TopOSM) (3 Layers)
- Added 3 OSM Cycle maps (1 Topographical - Whole world- Very good)
- Added Hill Shading Overlay (selectable)
- Added SeaMap transparent Overlay (selectable)
- Added Marine Map Overlay (USA area, Selectable)
- Added improved Copyright description on Maps, OnClick will open relating Website.
- Added On-Line/Off-Line option on OSM Map window. Will stop attempts to download Tiles when not on Internet
- Performance improvements on OSM Maps display
- Fixed potential COMport conflict between TNC and GPS
- Fixed Track of Object not deleted on Delete Object.

Version 0.9.518 Beta
9 January 2013

- Fixed bug in Telemetry form
- Fixed bug Speed changing to zero after Telemetry data received
- Minimize [A]LL windows will now minimize to Taskbar.
- Major upgrade of the Messages system. Now has sepperate windows for each Chat, and included Emoticons (Smilies) :)
- General improvements and fixes

Version 0.9.517 Beta
23 December 2012

- NZ Map window: Fixed track color incorrect while zooming.
- Added NZTM and Lat/Long entry from SAR Log entry window.
- Added decoding of PHG Range data
- Added Telemetry Decoding
- Made IGATE fully compatible with APRS-IS standard.
- Updated the TNC file.  Please check your TNC settings!
- General improvements and fixes

Version 0.9.516 Beta
28 November 2012

- Fixed kenwood D700 / D710 TNC

Version 0.9.515 Beta
21 November 2012

- Added Transparent Map Overlay option in OSM window.  
- More debug info in TNC terminal
- Fixed bug in Replay

Version 0.9.513 Beta
20 November 2012

- Improved Replay system
- Fixed bug with TNC Serial port connection.

Version 0.9.512 Beta
18 November 2012

- Bug fix: some Weather Stations where not decoded.
- Bug fix: SAR Auto log did not log some activities.
- TNC Terminal: improved options. Use this to get your TNC / Kenwood radio to work.
- TNC: exit KISS on close.
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 0.9.511 Beta
17 November 2012

- Added Weather Station option. SARTrack can now be used as a Weather Station, based on a standard Weather File which must be generated by the software which comes with the Weather Station hardware. (Setup/This-Station)
- Added user selectable Track Width for all Tracks on the screen (Setup/Maps)
- Added option to use UTM coordinates at various places in the program. To use UTM instead of NZTM or WGS84, change the Default Setttings in Setup/General.
- Added option to enter coordinates in the SAR Log, which can be transmitted as an Object. This function currently only works in UTM, other systems will ba added next update.
- Added Tracks to Overlays. Previousely, a moving Overlay did not have a track.
- CHANGED TNC INIT COMMANDS. The TNC Commands must now have the end-of-line characters in the TNC Commands itself.  They are no longer added internally by the program. This means you must change your TNC settings to include ^M^J at the end of all commands. Some TNC's need this the other way around.A New tncs.txt file can be downloaded from the sartrack website.
- Added TNC Terminal (Start from Setup/TNC). This will enable you to test your TNC. Note: This is not quite finished yet.

Version 0.9.510 Beta
2 November 2012

- Better protection against bad Map data during a Re-Scan Maps from local map files.
- Now showing UTM Coordinates at bottom of Map windows, and on the Mouse Coordinates
- New option on Maps/Google Maps: Show Grid. Currently only UTM grid, more later.
- Fixed potential crash in Windows XP, when OSM download thread failed.

Version 0.9.509 Beta
27 October 2012
- BUG fix: Rare situation where during OSM / Toporama Map Tile download, the HTTP server would Close the connection, causing an aborted Tile download.
This would cause missing tiles on the screen. This update fixes this issue.

Version 0.9.508 Beta
26 October 2012
- BUG #3 Windows XP computers only would hang when switching Maps and closing the program. This is now finaly fixed... Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Also fixed incorrect Toporama init string first time it is used. If Toporama does not show any maps, In the Map window, go into Options, select Maps Setup. Then change the Toporama settings (Tick all options) and OK. After that, Toporame should work correctly.

Version 0.9.507 Beta
26 October 2012
- BUG fix:  Program would hang on exit, due to OSM/Toporama Download Threads not terminated yet. Program will now wait for that.

Version 0.9.506 Beta
26 October 2012
- BUG fix: The Filter button in the Stations window was opening the wrong Menu.
- Improved the coordinate limits of the Toporama Map window.

Version 0.9.505 Beta
25 October 2012

- Added Canada Toporama Maps. These will be downloaded and saved per Zoom level, just like the OSM maps, and will be available off-line afterwards.
- You can now change the Directory for the local Maps. For example, set it directly to UI-View Maps directory. Or, switch between different local Maps. The Database resides in the selected directory.
- Cleaned up the Options menu in the Map windows. Now consistent 'Show' instead of 'Show this and Hide that' :)
- Fixed bug where Gateway Stations would not expire and stay on the maps (yellow). (You may need to clear the database to get rid of them)
- Added option in Stations window: Delete all stations.
- Added option in Map windows and Stations window: Delete (single) Station.
Keep an eye on the Options and Settings as there often are new additions.

Version 0.9.504 Beta
20 October 2012

- Rebuild the SAR LOG database system, and changed the way data is transfered.
LOG entries can now use the full 255 characters allowed by the AX25 protocol, so they are accepted by the APRS-IS network.
The new system is no longer compatible with earlier versions of SARTrack. 
- Fixed some issues with the Maps window; now initializes the correct settings on Show.
- Fixed the issue of Re-Scanning new local Maps; will now accept 'bad' formatted coordinates in the .INF files, also fixed some display issues. Extra option in Setup/Maps (read the Help on that). Also will no longer scan sub-directories: All Maps must be in the Maps directory.
- The displayed Radio Range circles have been _halved_ in size on advise from Bob Bruninga. This is because (after the Spec was designed) it was found mobile stations could not get the displayed coverage.
- Changed Setup/ThisStation. You can now add a Comment, separate from the Tactical, and Altitude. If you don't want a Tactical, leave it empty.
NOTE: The Tactical is no longer fully compatible with earlier versions of SARTrack.
When a GPS is connected, the Beacon will now transmit Altitude, Speed and Course.
- Lots of smaller bugs fixed.

Version 0.9.503 Beta
10 October 2012

Major Update:
- Changed the TRACK system. Tracks now use a FIFO (circular) system, with a User adjustable length.
The maximum track length (in Track Points) can be selected in the Setup/Maps Menu. If you set a very small value of 4 for example, the moving tracker will show a 'tail' of a short track behind it.
The default value is 500 trackpoints for the HAM version, 3000 for the SAR version.
Tracks are currently NOT saved on program exit. (later)
- However, Stations screen positions can now be loaded on startup. They will show in a special Label color, to indicate that is is the Last Known position.
- Loading Objects or Stations onto the Map windows on Startup can be set in Setup/Maps
- Label Color information is now at the bottom of all Map Screens. Can be hidden under the Options button.
- Changed all references of "Markers" to "Objects". It seemed a good idea at the time in the SAR world...
- Improved Object window (Filter options) and also added Information field (stretch window a bit to see it)
- Fixed a NZ Topo Maps bug where it would refuse to jump or load in certain areas.
- Some performance improvements in rendering engine.
- Right click on Station, new option "Find on Findu" (on request)
- New option in Maps: Zoom to Center instead of Zoom to Mouse position. (on request)
- NEW: Radio Range! Now available on all Maps. Can be hidden from the Options Menu.
- Lots of smaller bugs fixed.

Version 0.9.502 Beta
6 October 2012

- Fixed conversion issue for New Zealand users
- Fixed excesive memory use: With 1000+ stations loaded, program would run out of memory. Now resolved.
- New OSM type map added in the main Map window. These map tiles will also be saved for off-line use.

Version 0.9.500 Beta
5 October 2012

- The International and New Zealand versions are now merged. There is now only one version of SARTrack. The program will auto-detect if the New Zealand Topo Maps and database exist, and will switch to NZ version if they do exist. It is now also an option in the Setup menu.
- Improved registration menu and fixed bug during registration
- Some bug fixes around the startup of the Map windows.
- Made the Map station and marker/object labels smaller
- Fixed issues with markers/objects with the same name but from different stations
- New UPDATE program is now downloaded, and should run next time.

Version 0.9.421 Beta
3 October 2012

- Bug fix Map window did not load position on startup.
- Minor fixes in Messages
- Bug fix in Markers (objects) Database; lost coords
- HAM version now disables Priority Alarm. (Setup/General)

Version 0.9.420 Beta
2 October 2012

- IMPORTANT Please read: A new file is required for the identification of Stations. The new UPDATE program can download this new datafile. So for the new features to work, PLEASE DO ONE MORE UPDATE (in Help/Check For Updates). This wil download the required file. Then restart SARTrack and all should work correctrly.
- Done in this version:
- Major overhaul of the Stations window. Can now be sorted, and filtered op callsign.
- Also, SARTrack now identifies all incoming Station beacons to determine the type of equipment being used. This is now visible in the Stations window (Detailed version) under 'Rig'.
- SAR version or HAM Version: This can now be selected in the Setup menu, under General. When HAM version is selected, the SAR Log will disappear from the Main Menu, and all automatic Logging is disabled. In later versions, more differences between the two versions will appear.
- New Zealand version / International Version: In the International version, the NZTopo map button is no longer visible in the Main Menu.
- Fixed bug in decoding compressed speed (Knots <> km/h error)
- Fixed bug; multi-select in stacked Markers (Objects) did not work.
- Added more decoding of APRS Extensions
- More small fixes.

Version 0.9.419 Beta
28 September 2012

- Message ACKnowledge is fully compatible, now includes REPLY-ACK.
- Stations window: Fixed bug. (Will be improved next version)
- Icons: Now have a circle around OWN Station and Markers(Objects)
- Fixed NZMapwindow could not be closed, would cause an error.
- Lots of smaller issues and user interface improvements
- Marker window, and Messages window improved and can now be Sorted per column
- Massive amount of work on the Messages database and APRS compatibility. PLEASE report any problems you may encounter in this area. This is the first step to a greatly improved Messages user interface.
- Also more work done on the Marker (Object) system.

Version 0.9.418 Beta
22 September 2012
- Completely rewritten the Marker (Object) system.
- Own Markers are now transmitted in a user-defined interval.
- User interface completely rewritten and improved.
- Warning when attempt is made to change other station's Markers
- Internal overhaul of the Stations system.
- Settings: TNC and AGWPE now have "Allow Repeat" option. Makes it possible to use them for own outgoing data, without repeating data from APRS server.
- Fixed bug which limited Messages to 100... New Messages system in progress.
- Lots of small fixes and improvements

Version 0.9.416 Beta
17 September 2012
- Major update of the MIC-E decoding. Now is up to spec 2012, decodes Station hardware, Altitude, DAO, and much more.
- Station Display is now sorted on Callsign (More later)
- Station Display now shows Information, instead of the raw data.
- Station Detail window now shows Hardware, Voice frequency and raw data.
- Markers (Objects) made fully compatible with HAM system, while retaining special SAR features like extended Label name (43 characters)
- lots of small fixes.

Version 0.9.415 Beta
14 September 2012
- Improved Editing of Markers (Objects). If user not OWNs the Object, will ask first.
- Fixed Overlay characters not showing on Markers (Objects)
- Improved readability of Overlay characters
- New option in Maps: Hide Labels. Also hide labels above Zoom level 7.

Version 0.9.413 Beta
12 September 2012
- Fixed incorrect decoding of Mic-E encoded data AGAIN. Now it is right.

Version 0.9.412 Beta
11 September 2012
- Fixed incorrect decoding of Mic-E encoded data, in a 9 degree area, West Longitude only.

Version 0.9.411 Beta
11 September 2012
- Fixed Altitude not decoded in Comment after compressed Lat/long
- Own Station and location will now show up in list and map.
- Fixed critical bug where compressed Lat/long where not decoded correct.

Version 0.9.409 Beta
9 September 2012
- Fixed critical error with LocalServer not working
- Fixed multiple issues with Messaging Ports and Paths
- Added new ToCall of 'APSARxx' allocated by Bob Bruninga
- Updated Update program for better User interaction.

Version 0.9.408 Beta
7 September 2012
- Fixed Callsign check starting with a number
- Fixed bug when TNC commandos send for KISS mode. Got mixed up with KISS data already being send to TNC.
- Fixed critical bug where TNC KISS data did not decode SSID properly.
- Added warnng when connecting to an APRS-IS server without Filters entered.
- Fixed Radio Paths WIDEn-N when working as an Igate. Now correctly subtracts.

Version 0.9.407 Beta
6 September 2012
- Added TNC database system
In SETUP/TNC you can now select a TNC out of the database. You can download this database from the SARTrack website.
If your TNC does not exists, you can add a new one. In that case, you have to add the commands required to put your TNC in KISS mode.
If this works, you can then email your update TNC database to SARTrack, so other users can also use it.

- Changed the Timeout system. All timeout are now stored in the .INI file, and the default timeout for Unknown stations is changed from 1 hour, to 24 hours.
This means the Labels will not turn yellow on Unknown station until 24 hours have passed. You can EDIT any station and change the default settings.

Version 0.9.406 Beta
4 September 2012
- Fixed bug where off-line maps, and map outlines where not displayed

Version 0.9.405 Beta
3 September 2012
- Minor bug fixes
- Added Radio Path Setup (Setup/General)
- Added Change Baudrate for TNC connections

Version 0.9.404 Beta
1 September 2012
- Minor bug fixes
- Improved Weather Station data: Now can open unlimited Weather Station windows.
- Fixed bug in Update program, which did not work in countries where a "," comma is used as decimal seperator.

Version 0.9.403 Beta
31 August 2012
- Improved reconnecting speed after Server connection failure
- Improved automatic connection (Now works on all Interfaces)

Version 0.9.402 Beta
29 August 2012
- Fixed critical bug with Tracking

Version 0.9.401 Beta
28 August 2012
- Fixed long standing issue with connections to APRS Internet servers.
- Improved Weather Station decoding (click on Weather Station, select Weather Data)

Version 0.9.400 International beta
24 August 2012
- Much work done, performance improvments, debugging.
- Added Weather Station decoding (click on Weather Station, select Station Details)
- International version in in sync with New Zealand version.

Version 0.9.300 International beta

4 August 2012

- Major rewrite of the main Map screen. now much faster and better.
- Added Google Map window. (Internet required)
- Added OpenStreetMap Tiles. Once OSM Tiles downloaded via Internet, then available off-line.
- General improvements and bug fixes.

Version 0.9.216 International beta
10 july 2012
- Fixed error in Update system, Updates did not work.
- Improved some Map features
- Fixed problem with Re-Scan Maps
- Fixed problem with International settings causing Coordinate decode  not to work (Netherlands)

Version 0.9.215 International beta
7 july 2012
- Fixed error in Installation, SARTrack.exe was in the wrong directory
- Added all APRS-IS sites in Setup/APRS Server

Version 0.9.214 International beta
5 july 2012
Ongoing debugging.
Added: Distance and Atlitude Units can now be selected: Metric, Imperial and Nautical. (New: Miles, Nautical miles, Feet)
Added: Local filtering of incoming station data.

Version 0.9.211 International beta
27 june 2012
Ongoing major debugging in many areas.

Version 0.9.201 International Beta
3 June 2012
First buggy version of the International version of SARTrack

Version 0.9.100 Beta
28 May 2012
Expiry Update only. A complete new version is in development.