Version  0.9.774F
31 October 2017
Intermediate Update: Still working on an important Update, but the 2-month expiry has arrived....
SAR Only:
- Fix: Log entries during new Operation Period corrected.
- Change: In Team Setup and team Status windows, the way to show/hide Tabs has been improved.
- GPS Import: This will now allow you to immediately rename the NAME of the Track you are importing. So instead of ending up with a name like "CURRENT TRACK" you can now change this to sometjing like "Team1- Trk_1" before importing it. It will then immediately appear on the Map and Object lists under the right name. Just single-click on the name in the list, and edit it.
- Some other minor changes.

Version  0.9.774E
1 October 2017
SARTrack (SAR Only):
Important fix: When Printing paper Forms, in rare situations the program would get into a loop and crash. Also improved multi-line text copied from external sources, these will now properly print with line-feeds.

Version  0.9.774C
6 September 2017
- Fix: When editing People, a function which is intended to clear any spaces from the Mobile Phone number, accidentally removed the last digit of the mobile phone number of the person. This number is used by the SMS system. Please check if the mobile phone numbers of the people are still correct. If you have a recent backup (export) of the People database you could consider to recover that way. Or export the existing People file, edit it in Excel, then re-import the file. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- New: A new system has been installed to deal with the SMS credits.
- Fix: Team Status window would duplicate Log entries (display only) when switching Tabs.

Version  0.9.774A
1 September 2017

SARTrack & SARTrackServer:
Bugfix: During a failed Login, the Login window did not re-appear for the user to change the password, and the connection kept looping.

Version  0.9.774
30 August 2017

- Fix: Export to GPX file (Tracks and Waypoints): List of Tracks and Waypoints was duplicated every time the Export window was re-opened.
- Installed updated OpenSSL DLL files.
- New: The OSM (OpenStreetMap) directory tree, which is by default located in the ..\Documents\SARTrack\OSMMAPS\ directory can now be changed to another location in Setup>Map. If an existing OSMMAPS directory exists, its contents must manually moved to the new location, after the setting change.
- Fix: Intermittent problem when adding Objects onto the Map, they did not always appear where clicked, is now fixed.
- New: Improved way of displaying Tracks on the Map. There are 2 TrackTypes:
1) Track with adjustable width, and Waypoints dots slightly larger but same color.
2) Track with Track with adjustable width, and Waypoint dots same width as Track, but inverted color.
The Width of the tracks can now be changed for both type of tracks.
It is now also possible to select different tracks display for normal APRS and Radio tracks, and for use with _Imported_ GPS tracks. This because imported GPS often have thousands of waypoints, and require a much smaller tracks and waypoint size compared with normal tracks.
All this can be changed in Setup>Maps1>Tracking.
- Fix: When importing GPS Tracks, the automatic color generating of the separate Tracks did not work.
- Fix: When importing GPS Waypoints without a Time, an error occurred. Now defaults to current time.
- Fix: When importing GPS Waypoints, the Tactical name was not set to the 'name' field, but to the 'desc' field.
- Changed: The Stations window and Objects window has been rewritten to allow for unlimited Stations / Objects without performance problems. That is, you can now load thousands of Stations or Objects, and the window will respond without any delay.
- Fix: ICOM commercial radio decoding: Fixed double prefix in Objectname, fixed generation of empty Object.
- Fix: Motorola MOTOTRBO radios position reporting Interval would behave inconsistent, this is now hopefully fixed.

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- NEW: End-to-End Encrypted Internet connection to Database Server. Read for IMPORTANT details on this new feature.
- SARTrack no longer saves local copies of some SAR Databases to disk, when in SAR/Database mode. It also does no longer save an 'backup' text file with all Log entries. All SAR related database files are now only kept on the Database Servers, and the SARTrack Clients will not retain any data relating to Operations. This is part of the new enhanced security system.
- New: In the 'Team Setup' window, right-clicking on a Person, select 'Show Information' will now show all Capabilities of the person in detail.
- Fix: LKP/PLS system: When adding a LKP/PLS circle system from the Missing Person page, and the 'Dispersion Angle' was used, the Missing Person's LKP/PLS data where not updated.
- In the Operation Period form, the Hazard>Comment field was not populated on the screen.
- LKP/PLS Circle system: The 'Travel Ring' based on walking speed and the Mobility Hours for the Missing Person, will now stay on the Map when the maximum "Mobility Hours" have been reached, instead of the Travel Ring disappearing at that time.
- Removed: In the Operations Log window, the "Overview" button has been removed, as the Overview window was not very useful (and I am running out of space with the buttons).
- NEW: Operations Log: A new button "Search" has been added. This will open a new SEARCH LOG window, in which you can search for Log entries, based on Reference, Summary or full Log information.
- NEW: Operations Log: A new button "Clues" has been added. This will open the CLUES window, where you can see all Log entries which are directly related to Clues.
- New: The Operation Log windows has been upgraded to the new system, which can deal with nearly unlimited Log Entries, without performance problems. This also includes the new Log Search, and Team Status windows.
- New: In the "Log Entry" window, it is now possible to select a Clue from a list of available Clues, if the Log Entry is marked as a Clue from the pulldown list. Please see the updated Manual (v0.9.774) for details on all options in the 'Log Entry' windows.
- Changed: Operations Log; Radio Operator version: The Log Entry button in this window will now default to the _Standard_ Log Entry window. This because there are too many important options in the standard 'Log Entry' window, which no longer fit in the 'Radio Operator' version. While the 'Operations Log' window for the Radio Operator still exists (with a larger font) the 'Log Entry' will now default to the standard 'Log Entry' window. It can be changed back in Setup>SAR.
- Coordinates in UTM now pre-loads the Zone and 'CharLat' after the first time use.
- Fix: Improved error reporting during People Import, to show where the problem is.
- Fix: People Equipment box would not export properly when it contained more than one line of text.
- Fix: Missing Person: When a change was made in the Missing Person form #2 (but not in form #1) the data would not be saved to the Server.
- New: Operation Period form: Now added a separate "Intel" Person instead of the combined "Planning&Intel" previously.
- Fix: People 'Availability' system: Cleaning up invalid data in the 'Availability' database.
- Fix: When a Team Location was changed manually in the LogEntry window, but the Team was made InActive (Hidden) earlier, this will now force the Team to be re-activated on all Maps.
- New: When adding a 'Clue' on the map an 'Overlay character' with increasing value will be added onto the default Clue Icon (a black box) unless overridden by the user.

- Lots of under-the-hood improvements and fixes.

Forms Package:
- The Forms Package has been updated, and should be downloaded from the website and installed. (There is no auto-update available for this)
- SARTrack will check the Version of the Forms package from now on, and will notify when it is out-of-date.

- NEW: End-to-End Encrypted Internet connection and Encrypted storage on disk. Read for IMPORTANT details on this new feature.
- Fix: Change the way the Local Server connects/disconnects to an Internet Server: During shutdown, when the Internet connection is stuck in limbo, the Server would lock up for a long time before shutting down. Now it will release the broken TCP connection immediately.
- Installed updated OpenSSL DLL files.
- Fix: People 'Availability' system: Server will clean up invalid data in the 'Availability' database when loading from disk.

Version  0.9.773A
5 August 2017

- Intermediate Update to fix the SARTrack expiry, not yet ready with the new Update 0.9.774.
- Installed updated OpenSSL DLL files.
- Updated the Polish language file
- Updated the Dutch language file

Version  0.9.773
6 June 2017

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Change: TimeLine window: Log entries marked as a "Mistake" do no longer show in the TimeLine's.
- Fix: Internal Server-Reconnect timestamp was not always up-to-date.
- Fix: Changed Database connection Timeout period, so the Server will timeout earlier than the Client. This will hopefully fix the problem of 'Duplicate Login' errors after the network connection fails.

- Fix: Sync Database Server timestamp.

**** FORMS Package:
Currently there is no automatic update system for the FORMS package, and there is also no system build into SARTrack to warn you if it is out-of-date.
Do make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version, if you use the paper Forms system

I will add a system later which will tell you if the FORMS package is out-of-date.
In the meantime, I always let you know via the mailing list.

Version  0.9.772
16 May 2017

- Fix: The automatic deleting of old Debug files did not work. From now on SARTrack will ask if you want to delete these files if there are more than 30 of them. You can safely say 'Yes'.
- NEW: Tait commercial radios: Added two-way Short Message system. Tested with TM9300/TP9300 radios in both Digital and Analog mode. Note: This requires that the TM9300 and TP9300 radios have the _latest_ Firmware upgrade, and use the radio configuration I have developed. Tait TP9300 programming screenshot can be found at . Please advise me of any problems.
- Icom BIIS based radios: Send and receive Static Messages only. Please advise me of any problems.
- Fix: Warning (Priority Alarm) window did not clear alarm from Station trackers.
- Updated Dutch (Netherlands) translation file.
- Updated Italian translation file.

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Fix: Images attached to an Object or Clue could not be opened afterwards.
- Fix: Object Edit: Button 'Add Image' to Object did not always work.
- Fix: Team Setup: Add image to Task did not work when Task was added manually.
- Fix: Team Info form would not work when no people in Team.
- Fix: End time was notr set in Current Operation Period after clising Operation. Also added Log entries for opening and closing Operation periods.
- Fix: People Import would not read .csv files which where not in UTF-8 encoding. Now it will accept any type of encoding.

Database Server:
- Fix: Disabled the Timeout system until all Databases have been send/received. Previously, when a _very large_ database structure was SYNC'ed between a Local Database Server and the Internet Database Server (in Germany) the system could timeout (after 30 seconds) and disconnect in the middle of the SYNC transaction. Now both the Database Servers and the SARTrack Client will notify the Server when all data has been received, and only _then_ the Timeout system will be enabled.
- Removed old "supervisor" login from the Database Users system. If you need full access to your Database Server, please use the "ServerAdmin" login.

Version  0.9.770

7 April 2017

- Fix: Export of APRS Station Tracks to GPX file did not work. (Object Tracks did work)
- New: Map: The new option 'Show Tracks by Date' has been improved, and the popup menu (right-click on Map) has been cleaned up. You can now select a full Date&Time range over which all Tracks will be rendered, or directly select 'Hide all Tracks' and 'Show all Tracks'.
- Fixed: Tracker Objects: The 'LH' (Last Heard) on the Label did not automatically update.
- Updated: The Open_Cycle_Maps have moved to another company and now require a Key. This is now updated in the OSMMaps.ini file. NOTE: This will override some of your Selections on which Maps you can see in the MapType Pulldown Menu. Sorry about that. You can fix this in "Setup>Maps_2".
- NEW: ICOM commercial radios in _BIIS_ mode: I made some changes and improvements here, and the way the Radio ID is generated has changed. It will now be the character "I" + the "Common ID" + the Radio ID. The Common ID *MUST* be manually programmed in the Icom Connect settings, and must be identical to the Common ID programmed in all Icom radios. Note: If you are using the 'Permanent' link between a Icom radio and a TEAM, you must set this up again based on the new Radio ID's.
The red Emergency button on the BIIS radios will now cause SARTrack to generate an Alarm (on Map, screen and audio).
- New: Map: "Follow On Map" now also works on all non-APRS Trackers (eg all commercial radio trackers as Objects, etc).

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- People: Import/Export of People will now use a new format, which includes the GroupID of a person.  I recommend that you now add the correct GroupID to every person, then Export the People database for backup.  The old export file format is still accepted, but will show a warning.  If you manually generate the .csv file, please insert an extra field just before the "CAPS" field, called 'GroupID'.
- Fixed: After a New Operation was started, the 'Wizard' did not start (when selected).
- Fixed: The Missing Person forms did not work correctly with the various buttons.
- New: The Search urgency form now allows you to make changes and calculate the Urgency, without being in Edit mode first.
- New: It is now possible to add Attachments (Images, Documents) to an Object on the Map. For example, a 'Clue' can now have one or more pictures attached to it.
- Fixed: When a Tracker Object (Radio Trackers) was edited by another Station, it was no longer possible to use the 'Request Position' system.
- New: Team Setup: You can now set up and save a Team without any Team Members. This allows you to set up a Team in advance, including Equipment and Tasking, but before you know who will populate the Team.
- New: I have rewritten the Create/Edit Object system for SAR mode. This new window will allow you to create / edit an Object as a Team, Clue or basic Object.
- New: Rewritten the Edit Station window for SAR mode. This is now greatly simplyfied, and you can now edit a Station as a basic Station or link it to a Team. 
- New: In the Add Log Entry form, in 'Enter Coordinates' you can now select if the coordinates are the *position* of the selected Team, or if the coordinates represent a CLUE. In the latter case, the above new Create Object window will appear, where full details of the Clue can be entered.
- New: Permanent Team Objects and Permanent Team Stations. When a Tracker Object or a Tracker Station is edited and save as 'Permanent', a permanent link will be saved between the Object ID or Station Callsign.  When in a _New Active Operation_ this Station or Tracker Object is heard for the first time, a TEAM will be AUTOMATICALLY be created with the saved Team Name (Tactical). This option can be disabled in Setup>SAR (it is enabled by default).
- Fix: TeamSetup People list did not update Status changes in some situations.
- Fix: PeopleArrival window list did not update itself after Status change.
- Some minor internal fixes.

Version  0.9.769
27 February 2017

- Renamed the OSM Map "Europe Topographic" to "World Topographic". This map now shows the entire world topographic, an excellent map!

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Fix: Some bug fixes in the Missing Person windows
- Fix: Bug fixes in the Tasking system: You could not always changing its status by right-clicking on a Task.
- Fix: Missing Person photo: When clicking on photo, the image viewer did not show.
- Fix: Log Windows: 'Save Logs to Disk' did not work.
- Fix: Radio Ops Log Entry: Enter Coordinates did not work.
- Fix: Radio Ops window: Display problem when scrolling list with mousewheel, and fixed double entry of coordinates.

Small update

Version  0.9.768
16 February 2017

- Fix: 'Direwolf' Hide Panel was not saved and Panel kept coming back.
- APRS Messages: The 'PING' button in the Messages window will now force a PING over the Radio network, even if the Station has not been heard via radio.
- New: Map: Tracks on the Map: It is now possible to select a _date range_ on all Tracks, which makes it possible to only show Tracks for a certain day, or multiple days. This to de-clutter the Map during multi-day operations. Right-click on the Map and select 'Show Tracks by Date'.
- NEW: You can now look for any *address* by Town/Street/Country from the main OSM map window. Right-click on Map, select "Find Location". Also has option to generate an Object at the location. This uses Google data, and Internet access is required.
- Fix: OSM Map Servers which use "https" instead of "http" did not work (Europe Topo). SSL is now enabled in the OSM download system.
- New: The box at the bottom of the Connect Menu, which shows the Callsign of incoming Stations, will now also show the ID of incoming non-APRS trackers (Tracking radios, AIS, Satellite, etc), or, if available the Tactical name.

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Fixed a problem with the Forms package: SARTrack will now be able to select the Country without first having this set in the 'Form Designer' program.  *** You must download and install the latest Forms Package for this to work ***.
- Fix: In TeamSetup, the Date and Time of Team Departure where not properly pre-set.
TASKING Many changes and improvements:
--- Bug fixes and improvements. Tasks can now also be Canceled, not only marked as 'Completed'.  Also added more 'Task Types' in the pulldown list.
--- NEW: You can now attach an IMAGE to a TASK. Could be the Missing Person picture or a Map/Search_Area for example. --- NEW: Tasks can be printed out from the "Team Setup" window, including any Image attachements.
--- NOTE: Not finished yet: Email Task, including attached Images. 
Some more improvements will be made in that area in the future.

- Fix: The TCP 'Read timeout' for connection to the Database Server has been increased from 5 to 10 seconds, to be able to deal with extremely bad satellite connections to the Internet Database Server.
- Re-written the Printing system. Now much more flexible to Print all kinds of stuff.
- Re-written the Image Viewing system. Can now view all kinds of Images, Forms, Maps, etc. much better.
- NEW: A new feature has been partly finished at this point: The 'Welfare Needs Assessment' system. This will be part of the new Urban Operation system, which is intended to be used after a dissaster situation like an earthquake of flood. This system will work together with the upcoming SARTrack Android App, for use in the field. More on this later. 
- APRS Messages: You can no longer Delete APRS Messages when in an Active Operation. If you are Closed (Operation "NONE") then you can now properly Delete APRS Messages, and this will be done accross all Database connected computers.

- Fix: In some complicated error situations, the Local Database Server would not automatically re-connect to the Internet based Server. This is now fixed.
- Added a Warning system if a Local Database Server is losing its connection with the Internet Server. A Warning box will appear on the screen of the Local Database Server 15 minutes after loss on connection with the Internet based Database Server.  I am also considering sending an email to a special email address in such a case... Feedback on this is welcome.
- Fix: Tasks from a previous Operation where reloaded when a new Operation started. There are now two sepparate files for the Task Templates and the Tasks used during an Operation, the latter will be saved and cleared when the Operation closes.
- Task database structure now allows for Image attachment.
- New: Database structure for 'Welface Assessment' (Red Cross) system.
- The Database Server is now mostly prepared for the future use of the Android App, which connects via a separate TCP Port on the Server.

Version  0.9.767D
12 January 2017
This is an intermediate Update because of the Beta expiry date. Still working on a major new Update which is not ready yet.
Also Updated two SSL DLL files to the latest secure version.

Version  0.9.767C
16 December 2016

- Re-Uploaded SARTrack.exe as it was not the right version.
- Updated the Dutch (Nederlands) language file.

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Fix: The Update botton in the second Missing Person window did not work correctly.

Versions  0.9.767B
18 October 2016

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Fix: A bug in the Team Setup, Equipment Drag/Drop caused selected Equipment not to be marked as 'Assigned'.

Versions  0.9.767
15 October 2016

- Import GPX Tracks and Waypoints: This is completely rewritten, and 100x faster. Also more options, and improvments. Please try this out with your GPX files, and if things do not work as expected, please email me your GPX file(s) so I can test againts it.

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- LogEntry: When coordinates are entered during a Log Entry, these are now also added to the Log text, and can be printed out during the 'Export' of the Log.
- To DELETE or Clear a Team in TeamSetup, Supervisor access is now required. It also goes into the Auto Log.
- In the Log window, 'Export Log' will now also save all Teams with the Team Members. This will later be expanded with time and duration they have been assigned.
- NEW: The first step in the 'Availability' system. When People are assigned and removed from Teams, this is now recorded in the new system. While this is still work in progress, it is now possible to generate a report to disk on the 'Status' and history of all People, which can be done by clicking on the 'Print' button in the Team Setup window, and select "Save All People Status". Later this will be replaced by a a new option to print this all out.  The same system will also be used for People to set their future 'Availability' using an Android App (in development)

- Fixed issue when new Local Database Server was installed, it would not synchronize the first time with an Internet based Server. Please (re)read the documentation on the installation of Database Servers for more details: How to install and set up the Database system (Updated Sep 2016)
- Fix: In heavy traffic situations, the synchonisation from the Local Database Server TO the Internet based Server would sometimes not work properly.
- Replaced all internal Timers with better type.
- Some non-critical internal improvements.

Versions  0.9.766B
6 October 2016

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Bug fixes related to Tasking for Teams.

Versions  0.9.766
3 October 2016

- Updated the Polish Langage file.
- The SARTrack Update program is now also capable of multi-language (But all Translators must first translate all new code). The Polish version is available.

SARTrack SAR version Only:
- Important Fix: The OperationPeriod Form would not always open from the Forms window, when the selection was "New".
- Improved: The OperationPeriod windows, and all MissingPerson related windows can now _only_ be edited when the EDIT Button is pressed first.
- This version of SARTrack is now ready to use the new Availability system. However, the Android App which will make it possible to generate the Availabilities of a person (Member) is not ready yet.  You will see the new Availability strip in the People and Team Setup windows, when you select a person. But as there is no information available yet, the bar will be gray.

- Some non-critical internal improvements.

Versions  0.9.765A
27 September 2016

SARTrack (SAR Only):
-Fix: Removed warning syste in SAR Log when existing Active Operation is older than 2 weeks, as this caused problems with SAREX Operations which where set up way in advance.

Versions SARTrack 0.9.765 and Server 0.9.766 Beta
24 September 2016

- Overhauled the internal Email system
- Moved all Debug files into a separate Debug directory.
- The SARTrack Temp directory is now cleared on exit.
- Fix: The Replay system had several bugs which are now fixed. Also, when using SARTrack in Database Modr (SAR) then the Replay system will now properly switch between the local replay file, and reconnect to the Database Server afterwards.  NOTE that the Replay system is disabled by default in Database mode. If you want to use it, enabled it in Setup>General.
- Fix: When editing a Station or an Object, then changing the Track Color or the Tactical name, this was not immediately updated on the Map and Lists until a new packet came in.
- NEW: While drawing Polylines on the Map (Search areas, etc) the Polyline window will now also show the total _length_ of the Polyline. Also NOTE the new
Polyline setting for SAR Database users below.

SARTrack SAR version Only:
- NEW: Polyline: In Setup>SAR you can now enable 'Extended Polyline'. When this is checked, there is no limit anymore on how many Parts the Polyline can have, BUT it can no longer be transmitted over the APRS system, ONLY via the Database Servers.
- Fix: When a New (aditional) Task was assigned to a Team in the Team Setup window, this was not correctly handled in the Log as a new Task, but as a new Team setup. Therefore the Log entry was not correct, and also the new Task did not show up in the TimeLine window on the Task line. (Adding a new Task from the Log Entry window was correctly handled). Also, both New Tasks and Close Tasks are now logged, and will go onto the TimeLine 'Task' line.
- New: Team Status Window now has new view of the current TASK for the selected team.
- Fix in the Team Status Window, will now properly respond to the mouse-wheel and show all Logs correctly.
- NEW: A NEW window is now available: "Team Information". This window shows for each Team the Team Members, and the current Task. The window can be opened from the Team Setup and Team Status windows with a new button.
- New: In both the TeamSetup and the (new) Team Info windows, you can now CLOSE a TASK by right-clicking on one a task in the list.
- Fix: When editing a person in the People window, the record would not always be unlocked after saving the record.
- New: The LKP/PLS Circle system now has an optional fixed 300 meter or 1000 feet circle. (This is a mandatory Search Area)
- Much faster connection to Database Server in Automatic mode.
- New: There is now a MUTE button in the Operation Log window, where you can switch off the 'Ping' sound when a new Log entry comes in... I understand people got crazy when all computers in the Ops room all kept pinging... I can't see why :)
- Improved the 'Historical Operations' selection window (From the Ops Log window in Options). Now shows the Date, and can be ordered. Makes it much easier to find a Historical Operation back.
- Multiple minor bug fixes, many of them intermittendly or only in certain situations.

- COMING UP: Availability of all People (Team members). This is already part of the Database Server and the SARTrack program, but not yet activated, while I do more testing. This will be accompanied by the NEW SARTRACK ANDROID APP, which will enable all organisation Members to edit their own data, track their position and set their own Availability into the future, and more! Watch this space!

- NEW: New database structures for the use of People Availabilities, and a Private encrypted Message system.
- NEW: Secundary TCP Port is now operational on Port 8051. This Port will be used by the new ADROID APP (Coming up).
- NEW: It is now possible to connect multiple LOCAL Database Servers to an Internet Database Server. This makes it now possible to use a Local Server at the remote locations, but at the same time use another Local Server at a Permanent Base.
- Fix: In certain situations, when a Local Database would SYNC with an Internet based Server after a connection failure, the connected Clients on both sides would not always be updated at that time.
- Fix: In high traffic situations, when a SARTrack Client tried to Login, it would sometimes be disconnected before the Login procedure was finished.
- Fix: Due to an internal error, Tracks of Objects and Stations could sometimes disappear, including Polylines.

Version 0.9.764 Beta
26 July 2016

- New: Option to protect the Configuration Setup with a Password.
- New: You can now EXPORT the SARTrack Configuration file, and IMPORT it into other SARTrack computers. This will enable you to set up one SARTrack computer for your SAR Group, export the Configuration onto a USB stick, then IMPORT this into all other SARTrack computers.
The IMPORT will not change the CALLSIGN, and will set all Connection's to FALSE, except the Database Connection. If you first also add a Configuration Password, the new SARTrack computer users will not be able to change the settings.

SAR Only:
- Improved the LKP Circle System. Now switches between LKP (Last Known Position) and PLS (Point Last Seen), including the Details.
- In the Missing Person form, page 2, there are now sepparate buttons for the LKP and PLS circle systems. These can now _both_ be set from this form, and the information will automatically be saved in the Missing Person form. The 'Details' field of the LKP/PLS form will be copied over into the Missing Person form, but can be overwritten there if required. You can jump to the positon on the Map by clicking on the coordinates of the LKP or PLS.
- NEW: In the 'People', 'People-Arrival' and 'Team Setup' windows, you can now FILTER the People (Members) by Name, ID, GroupID and Capability.
This means you can for example only show all People with a certain GroupID (of you own Group for example, excluding any other Group Members in your database) or you can search for people with a specific Capability (for example 'Logistics Manager' or 'Alpine Cliff Rescue team member' etc.)
NOTE: You can now pre-load (Import) the People (Members) of SAR Groups in your area, when they have their GroupID saved first. Then you can filter on your own GroupID, and only your own People will be visible to reduce clutter.
- Fix: An intermittent problem where sometimes you could not enter text into a edit box has now been fixed.

FORMS Package: Some changes where made in the Forms package to use some new variables. Some New Zealand Forms have been changed.

Version 0.9.763 Beta
19 July 2016

- Critical Bug fix: I Bug was introduced in the last version (0.9.762) which would cause a loss of the Settings, when the Setup Window was opened. See the mailing list for information on this issue.
SAR Only:
- New: Delete Team. It is now possible to delete a Team, from the Team Setup window, in Options. This requires that the Database Server is upgraded to version 0.9.763 as well.

- Additional warning to SARTrack clients, if a client is trying to connect to the Database Server with the same CALLSIGN AND IP address of another SARTrack client.
- New: Delete a Team. The Database Server MUST be updated to this version, to make it possible to delete a TEAM fron a SARTrack client.

Version 0.9.762 Beta
13 July 2016
SARTrack: SAR Only:
- New Print Forms system. The system to print paper Forms has been completely changed. A whole new Forms installation package is now available from the web server, with a new Form Designer program which makes it posible for you to generate your own Forms. This package can be downloaded from
If you are using the Forms, you MUST Update both the Forms package, AND SARTrack to the latest version.

Version 0.9.761 Beta
23 June 2016
- Fix: Due to a decoding error in 'Satellite Time' from GPS data, the decoding of some none-APRS trackers failed, including Icom, Tait and Hytera radios.

SAR Only:
- Fix: In the 'Add Log Entry' forms, the last 3 "Type" entries in the pulldown list did not work properly.

Version 0.9.760 Beta
18 June 2016
- Fix: Tait radio decoding did not decode the Speed properly.
- Added new OSM Map Server "Topo-AU-NewSouthWales-ArcGIS" to the Web server 'Example' directory, see below.

SAR Only:
- Fix: In the 'Add Log Entry' forms, SARTrack will warn if the "Type" is left at "One-Off" because in that case the Reference will not be saved and will not show up in the pulldown lists or the Team Status tabs. When selecting a "Type" of 'Team', 'Person', etc. the Reference will be saved and is afterwards available in all pulldown lists and tabs.
- NEW: Hytera commercial radio interface. SARTrack can now decode Hytera radio Position Reports. Some features have not been tested yet (Request Position).

- Removed the Expiry system in the Server. If the Database Server is to old compared to the SARTrack Clients, a warning will be displayed to Update the Server.
- When the Database Server runs in 'Internet Mode', added extra protection to prevent multiple Local Database Connections. At the moment you can only connect ONE 'LOCAL Database Server' to an Internet based Database Server (including the SARTrack German server).

Version 0.9.759 Beta
16 May 2016
- New: Motorola Radio interface. After a lot of work, it SARTrack can now interface with Motorola MOTOTRBO radios. SARTrack will act as an 'ARS' Server and 'Location Server' for the Motorola radios. Please read the Help file on the system for details (in Connection_Setup>Motorola>Help). Many thanks to Steven Heimand VK2BN for the help writing this interface (he had to test it with his radios). Please advise me if you are going to use this system.

- Fix: Station Tracks where not loaded on startup in non-database mode.
- Fix: When using the AGWPE interface, packets where not forwarded to the APRS Server when they had no PATH. This currently happens with the Direwolf software on the AGWPE interface, as it does not supply any PATH (which is a bug in Direwolf).
- Fix: In the main Map window, it is now possible to Zoom with the MouseWheel while drawing a line, doing distance calculation, moving Objects, etc.
- Fix: Map window, Bulk Download of OSM Map Tiles did not work for some OSM Servers. If you are in a situation where you used the Bulk Download, and now some parts of the map do not resolve into detail, do a new Bulk Download over the same area, and check "Force Complate Download".
- Fix: In NON-Database mode, on startup and load-from-disk, all Objects with a Track would be reset to 'Hide Track', which caused Tracks to disappear once a new packet came in for that Object.
- New: SARTrack Activation system will now lookup the Amateur Radio Callsign on, and if it exists, load some details into the Activation window and automatically generate the APRS Passcode.

SAR Only:
- Fix: in NON-database mode, "New Log Entry" would give a 'Database No Reply' error.

Version 0.9.758 Beta
25 April 2016
- Fix: When the Map window was closed while the DetailsWindow (of a Station or Object) was still showing, this DetailsWindow would come back the next time the Map window was opened, and would not go away until a restart.

SAR Only:
- Critical Fix: Log Entries would fail when an entry was made for which no Reference (Team name) existed yet.
- Improvements: Icom Static Messages; Now adds GPS location info to the SAR Log when a Static message comes in. Also, new option in SAR Log and Team Status: On right-click on Log entry, option "Show On Map" if a GPS refererence is linked to the Log entry.

Version 0.9.757 Beta
6 April 2016
- Fix: Problem with Tait Radio decoding
- Fix: Improved checking for a valid Callsign of the local Station, including connections to APRS-IS servers.
- New: Move an Object by dragging on Map. You can now move an Object by right-clicking on and and select 'Move Object'. When position reached, left-click to save, or right-click to cancel move.
Note: This only works on the primary OSM Map, not on the Google Static Map or the New Zealand Topo map.

- Fix: Small fix in the processing of 'Station' requests/delete from SARTrack clients.

Version 0.9.756 Beta
4 April 2016
- Added decoding of the NAVITRA $PNTS protocol in APRS packets.
- New: Multi-selection of Objects and Stations, to enable multiple hiding, showing, deleting etc. of these in the Object window and Station window.
- Fix: Decoding of GPS related timestamp would give an error due to some non-standard time formats
- Fix: Some sorting in the Stations window did not work right.
- Change: Changed to resolution of your location in the APRS-IS Server distance filter command. This previousely used only a integer type, now it uses up to 4 digits behind the '.'.
For example, the command to the APRS-IS Server for a distance of 50 kilometer from your location was:
"r/-45/169/50" but now it is "r/-45.6389/169.3479/50". You have to go into the ConnectionSettings, and make a small change to your APRS-IS Filter Distance settings, to activate the new settings.
I do hope this does not break the function with some APRS servers. Please let me know if it does not work for you, and which APRS-IS Server you are using.

SARTrack (SAR Only)
- Fix: A messagebox warning about 'You are still in Edit mode...' would pop up sometimes without reason.
- Fix: 'Close Active Log' would not clear People and Equipment (But 'New Active Log' would)
- Change: 'Team' linkage to People, Equipment, Tasks and Tracker-Objects is now based on an internal reference code.  All NEW Operations will now have more reliable internal links, required during Team or Object name change, etc.
- Fix: The TeamStatus window would not update the Logs for a Team in certain situations.
- Fix: When SARTrack is switched to HAM mode, it will no longer respond to some incoming SAR commands or Logs via the APRS network.
- Fix: During an active Operation, some Objects would still timeout and disappear from the Map.
- Fix: Improved flexibility in the Date format of the Import People system.
- NEW: Added 'Static Messages' for Icom commercial radios. When a Static Message code is received from a radio in the field, SARTrack will add a LOG entry with the message text, as coming from the Team associated with this radio. Message Code/Text can be edited from the ConnectionSettings window in the Icom tab. (Note: Work in progress. Transmitting a Static Message _from_ SARTrack will be added later)

Database Server:
- Rewritten Email system (includes SMS system)
- Added new datebase structure which will be used for global settings.

Version 0.9.753 Beta
21 February 2016

- Fix: Forward-To-Internet from TNC and AGWPE did no longer work, due to a missing comma in the data send :(  This has been the case for some time, until somebody finally reported it.

Version 0.9.752 Beta
17 February 2016

- Changed the OSM Maptype list, all Weather related Maps are now grouped together. Also added some more Map options, based on the OpenWeatherMap server.
- Fix: The optional "OpenPortGuide" Weather maps did no longer work, now they work again. These can be downloaded from the 'examples' directory on the web server.

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Fix: When somebody would drag a Task into a Team, this Task would appear on all other computers in any open Team Setup window, regardless which Team was displayed.
- Fix: When an (Tracker) Object which is linked to a Team had its Tactical (and therefore Team Name) *renamed*, the Team Members assigned to this Team would end up in limbo, because their internal reference was lost. This is now fixed.
- Fix: Problems which occured when Team Names (and Object Tactical names) where added and changed with mixed uppercase and lowercase characters. This caused confusion the the program, with as result loss of access to some Team names. SARTrack now completly ignores the upper/lowercase of Team Names and Tactical names.
NOTE: There are still some issues when a Team Tracker is renamed in the Map window. This will be fixed in the next update.
- New: in the Team Setup window, Equipment can now be 'multi selected' on both the left and right sides of the window. By right-clicking on selected Equipment, you can now remove the equipment from any Team to which it was assigned, regardless which team it was assigned to.
- Improvements in the Tasking system.

SARTrack Update program :
- Fix: The Update program did not always restart SARTrack in Automatic Update mode, and also sometimes did not close properly afterwards.

Version 0.9.750 Beta
8 February 2016
SARTrack (SAR Only):

- Fix: Bug fix in the SAR Log system, introduced in the last Update.
- Fix: During the Automatic Update, SARTrack will no longer ask that the user looks at this Update website (this would stop SARTrack from running when not attended)

Version 0.9.749 Beta
6 February 2016
SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Fix: Polylines (Search areas and tracks) would disappear from the Map after Object timeout. This was not supposed to happen.
- Fix: Various bug fixes and improvements in the new Tasking system.
- NEW: Automatic Updates. In Setup>General you can now check Automatic Updates. It is disabled by default. If you check this, SARTrack will automatically check for updates (ONLY when it is running), and restart itself after the update. It will also automatically re-Login to the Database Server with the same credentials as it was logged in before the update.
The Automatic Update is strongly recommended in situations where SARTrack is running unattended.
To use this feature, restart SARTrack one extra time after this current Update.

- Fix: Bugfix in the new Tasking system.

Version 0.9.748 Beta
1 February 2016

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- New: Tasking for Teams. See the SARTrack-SAR mailing list for more information.
- Added 'Auto Log' entries in various areas.
- Fix: When Database Server is temporary offline, SARTrack would cancel and no try to reconnect. Now it will keep trying to connect in this situation.
- Improved 'Select Form' window.
- Fix: During a new LogEntry, in some situations, the color of the Tab in TeamStatus and TeamSetup would revert to black.
- Fix: Removing a Capability of a person did not work (it came back).
- TeamSetup window: Improved the way the resize of this window works.

- NEW: Added Database sturcture for 'Taskings'.
- Fix: Hanging LOCK on Operation period after edit.
- Fix: Shutdown Server on Windows shutdown now works properly.
- Fix: Issues when Server was set to 'Run In Background', sometimes was not in IconTray. Also made sure that Menu is shown when NOT running in background.

- Fix: Shutdown Server on Windows shutdown.
- Fix: Server Update did not always work due to a timing issue in Windows.
- Fix: Stay connected to Server at all times.

SARTrack Update program:
- Fix: SARTrack Update did not always work due to a timing issue in Windows.

Version 0.9.747 Beta
17 January 2016

SARTrack (SAR Only):
- Fix: Clear All People (from Teams) to their original Status did not work.
- Fix: Deleting Permanent Object did not refresh screen and map.
- People Arrival/Departure window now shows allocated Team, which makes it possible to Sort on this item.

- Fix: Locked records sometimes would not being released.

Version 0.9.746 Beta
10 January 2016
- Fix: Station Timeout on Labels was not updated on the maps.
- Fix: ICOM radio DPMR protocol: Base Radio ID can now be set in the Connection Setup.
- Fix: Get Current Weather at location had incorrect wind speed.

SAR Only:
- Fix: Operation Period could in certain situations get duplicate 'Current' record.
- SAR Log: Fixed long standing issue that the Log entries where not always in the right order by Date and Time.

- Updated to prepare for database structure change in the _next_ update.

Version 0.9.745 Beta
06 December 2015
- New: Received Station box at the bottom of the Connect menu will now show a different color depending on the type of station received. Stations received direct via radio have a different color than stations received via a Server for one second after reception, after which the box goed back to its default gray color.
- Fix: Work around for Tait radios with broken GPS packet in certain locations.
- New: Norway Topograpical OSM Server added. Required a change in the SARTrack program. The OSM file "Norway Topo.ini" can be downloaded from the OSM example directory on the Web server at (and there are more). Read the readme file on how to add more OSM servers to SARTrack.

SAR Only:
- Fix: TimeLine window: Fix issue of double TimeLine's "Team" and "Teams". Should now only show "Team".

- IMPORTANT Database fix, in special situations it was possible that a database got lost.

Version 0.9.744 Beta
21 November 2015

- Fix: Workaround for a bug in the Tait radios, which at some locations send an invalid character to the computer.
- Fix: The Lock/Unlock mechanism did not work correctly in some cases accross two Database Servers.
- Fix: The second page of  the Missing Person form was not always saved to the Server.

Same as above.
- Fix: When the Active Operation was set to "NONE", the local Server would not request an Database update from the Internet Server.

Version 0.9.743 Beta
19 November 2015
- Fix: Tactical of external Tracker Objects could not be saved.
- New: Permanent Objects are now properly dealt with. If using the Database Server, the Permanent Objects will now stay on the Map accross Operations, including Polyline objects (lines).

Version 0.9.742 Beta
14 November 2015

SAR Only:
- Operation Period Page 1, all pulldown lists are now sorted alphabetically.
- Fix: Operation Period data on the second page was not always saved.
- Fix: Printing the New Zealand Form "Initial Response Organizer" now works properly. Requires that you download and update the 'Forms' package from the SARTrack web server.
- New: Operation Period, Page 2: The contact information on the page will now also be saved on the local SARTrack computer. When a new Operation is started, these fields will then be populated from the _local_ file. Note: This does not come from the Database Server, they are local computer settings only.
- Improved Log entry on Team Setup 'Save Team'. Now shows all details of this Team.
- FIX: Serious bug in the TAIT radio decoding. This was broken, but should now work again.
- Fix: Changing the Tactical name of an Object was broken, including any linked Team name.

- Updated the mimimum allowed connect version

Version 0.9.741 Beta
11 November 2015

SAR Only:
- Fix: While adding multiple People at the same time, Entry screen got overwritten by other users.
- Fix: Team Status: When a new Log entry comes in, ALL Tabs started flashing, instead of only the one for which the Log entry was intended.
- Fix: double identical entries in Forms window.
- Fix: On Operation Period 'Handover' the end time of the old Current Operation Period was not set.
- Fix: Locking of 'Current Operation Period' did not work correctly.
- Fix: When changing GroupID, some databases where not cleared.
- Fix: Team Setup: Clear any existing TeamLeader when one is selected but one already existed.
- New: When adding/Editing Objects or Stations, you can now select a Tactical name from the list of existing Teams (references in the Team Setup or Team Status forms). This will directly link this Map Object to the Team.
- New: Added Timer to editing windows (People, Operation Periods, Missing Person). When a user is Editing a record, it which will ask after 5 minutes if the user still wants to keep that record locked, or to save it and release it.
- NEW: SMS system. You can now send an SMS to all selected Team Members to join a SAR operation, including a clickable link to the location of the Map (of a Smart phone).  Read the Mailing list for more information.
- Updated the Help file for the SMS information.

Lots of other stuff done.

- All related items as above.

Version 0.9.740 Beta
16 October 2015

SARTrack: SAR Only:
- Fix: In the Missing Person forms, the data in the sub-forms like Next of Kin was not saved.

Version 0.9.739 Beta
14 October 2015

- Fix: Requesting Weather data (Right-click on Map) did not work due to problems with API key of OpenWeatherMap.
- Fix: When using some Overlays, the underlying Base map tiles where not loaded from the Internet.
- Fix: SARTrack will no longer transmit its Beacon over Radio of it has no coordinates.

Version 0.9.738 Beta
5 October 2015
ALL Database Users: You should Update both Database Server, SARTrack and the FORMS package to this version. See the SAR mailing list for more info.
SAR Only:
- Fix: Log Entry window could suddenly be closed due to an incoming external Log entry.
- Fix: The TimeLine window would not refresh in certain situations, including after startup.
- Fix: The Message system would no longer work accross the Database Server (recent bug)

- Fix in the Message data stream.
- Fix: Database did not properly read references from disk on startup.

Server Monitor:
- Fix: The Monitor would not Update the system in countries where a comma is used as a decimal sepparator instead of a dot....... Arch.

Version 0.9.737 Beta
30 September 2015
SARTrack: SAR Only:
- Fix: Several issues relating to the Database connections
- Fix: When selecting "HANDOVER" in the Operation Management Form, it will now properly copy all data over from the previous Period (excluding the Managers, etc).
- Fix: The "People" window now has the same new 'Locking' system as the other Forms, this will prevent a situation where a record could be editted by more than one person at the same time.

- Fixes relating to failed Client connections, the Internet server had problems with failed connections, and kept disconnecting new connections from the same Client.

Version 0.9.736 Beta
27 September 2015
SARTrack: SAR Only:
Major update in the Forms system. Most New Zealand Forms are now available, more will be added later. Canada and USA users, I did not have the time to generate your Forms, if you want to have a play, select Country 'New Zealand' in the Setup>SAR area.
Note that this system is not yet complete, some bits are still missing, for example currently the Team Setup printout does not yet include the pictures of the Missing Person. to be taken by the Teams. More will come later.

SARTrackServer: Major Database structure upgrade.
Forms Package: Completely updated to work with the new Forms system.

Version 0.9.735 Beta

20 September 2015
SARTrack: SAR Only:
- Fix: User name was not accepted after starting a New Operation.

Version 0.9.734 Beta
19 September 2015

- Change: You can now enable/disable if you want the SARTrack Menu's to 'Stay On Top' of all other Windows, or not.
- FIX: Child windows (Like the Map window) will no longer _also_ 'Stay Op Top' of windows of other programs. This was never intended, but I now found a way to stop this from happening. ONLY the Menu windows will now stay on top (if enabled). NOTE: The Child windows (Maps etc) will now also show up on the Taskbar.
- Updated the Setup window. Communications is now in a sepparate Tab.
- SARTrack will not properly detect Windows 10, and fixes an issue with the sepparation of the Menu windows in Windows 10.

SAR Only:
- 'Edit People' did not always load correct.
- NEW: Forms and the Forms Wizzard. When starting a new Operation, the Forms Wizzard will start, and you can then work your way through the initial process of entering the Missing Person details, the Search Urgency calculation and (in the next update) the Safety forms.
These can now be printed out. You will need to download and install the latest "Forms" package, which at this time only has the New Zealand forms working. Users in other countries can have a play as well, just switch the Country in Setup>SAR to 'New Zealand'.
NOTE: The Forms system is Work-in-progress. The data which can now be entered will later also be available in other parts of the program, especially the Team Setup area.

- Major Update and bug fixes.

Version 0.9.732 Beta
1 September 2015
- Bug fixes in the Database Server synchronisation area
- Added new People Status option: "En-Route". And fixed some issues in that area.
- Bug fix in the Stations "Rig" area. Would not always show the right Rig.

- Bug fixes in the Database Server synchronisation area

- Improvements in the user interface and added the new 'KeepAlive' system.

Version 0.9.731 Beta
30 August 2015
- Bug fixes in the Database Server synchronisation area
- Bug fixes in the Database Server synchronisation area

Version 0.9.730 Beta
28 August 2015
- New: OSM Map 'Europe Topograpic'
- New: Realtime blending of Overlay maps which are capable of this (weather overlays, etc) with a 'blending bar' in the bottom-right corner of the Map window. Will only show up if you have a selected a compatible Overlay map (like World Weather Rain Radar).
- New: Right-Click on OSM Map, and 'Request Current Weather at this location'. This will interogate an Internet Weather server, and if a Weather Station is in the area, if will popup a Weather information box.  (Try this first on a larger city). More Weather related work is in progress.
- Many other fixes and improvements 

- New: Server at a remote location can now synchonize itself with an Internet based server, if (intermittant) Internet is available at the remote location.
- New: Help file in HTML format. Will open in your browser.
- New: ready for translations. I will contact the existing SARTRack translators and ask if they want to translate the Server data as well.
- Many other bug fixes.

Version 0.9.728 Beta
6 August 2015

SAR Only:
- Fix: LKP Circle system would not display the dispersion angles anymore.

Version 0.9.727 Beta
27 July 2015

- FIX: Critical bug fix in the APRS Messages system. Was introduced in a recent update.
- FIX: Critical bug fix with Windows FormatSettings, which caused decode coordinate problems in countries where a comma "," is used as a decimal separator, instead of a dot ".".

SAR Only:
- Fix: AddLogEntry window could suddenly disappear.

Version 0.9.726 Beta
14 July 2015

- Some fixes in the TNC AX25 encoding where it relates to the new Digipeater function. The TNC code was not correctly dealing with the re-transmission of the stations in the Path.
- NEW: In the Information balloon, which shows up on the Map when you move your mouse over a Station or Object, if the Information contains an URL (link to a Web page) you can now click on it to open the Web page (internet required). You can try it by adding your own Web page in the Comment field of Setup>This_Station. NOTE: The URL must start with "http:" or "www."

Version 0.9.725 Beta
11 July 2015

- NEW: Digipeater function. SARTrack can now be used as a fill-in OR Full digipeater. Only enable if you really need this in your area! (In Setup>Communications).  In Fill-in mode, SARTrack will only respond to the "WIDE1-1" path. In FULL mode SARTrack will respond to WIDE1, WIDE2, WIDE3 and WIDE4 paths.
- NEW: Labels on Maps: You can now select the Font Size for the Labels on the maps, in Setup>Maps1. And you can select the Label background to be Solid (default), Transparent or Semi-transparent. This will change the background of all Labels to transparent, or with a cross-hatched background. Against a dark background (satellite maps) this is not always easy to read. Note that when fully transparent, the you can no longer see the status of the Station or Object (For example: Yellow for Timeout). For SAR users I do NOT recommend using fully transparent. 
- NEW: Show Line to last Repeater. (Setup>Maps1). When enabled (default), when LEFT-Clicking your mouse on a Station Icon (same as dragging the Map), it will show a line from the Station to the first Repeater/Gateway through which the Station was received. This is based on the last packet received, and the Repeater/Gateway must already be in the database, with its coordinates. If no Repeater was found in the Path, or the Repeater/Gateway is not itself in the database, nothing will happen.
- Fixed and updated the Help for the Maps window.

- Added new option in DTBUsers window: New entry "Database Server". This will be part of the new system to synchronize two database servers.

Version 0.9.724 Beta
18 June 2015

- Fix: Hidden Tracks of moving Objects would get re-activated when new position data would come in (and track would re-appear on the map)
- Fixed visual error in Setup window.
- Change in the way Overlay maps are blended.
- Fix: Forward-to-Internet and Forward-to-Radio for non-APRS (Object) Trackers (AIS, Satellite, ICOM, Tait, Kenwood commercial radios, etc) was not properly set for all existing trackers when the forwarding was enabled/disabled in the specific connection menu. Also fixed the issue that the Forward-to-Internet was still happening when the data came in via the Database Server.
- Change: In the OSM Map window, a change has been made in the way "Local Maps" are rendered. They no longer have a fixed Aspect Ratio based on the horizontal pixel size: Now both the vertical and horizontal ZOOM size are now rendered independently. This means that if your .INF file for the local map is not correct in the latitude values, the map will get stretched out of proportion. If your .INF files are correct, you should not see any difference.  To make your Local Maps work again in this version, in the OSM Map window please select "Options>Re-Scan Local Maps". You can then select them again from the pulldown list at the top.

- Fix: Reported issue with clearing People Status from 'Assigned' back to _previous_ Status. Added extra protection to force the Status to 'Available' when the previous status was also 'Assigned'.
- Connecting to a Database Server in Automatic mode, will now re-check the local IP address of the PC every time in case it has changed.
- Fix: When changing the name of a Team, the In Team Status and Team Setup the Tab would go blank, until it was clicked upon. 

- Added more debugging information.

Version 0.9.722 Beta
17 May 2015
- Rewritten the Kenwood Fleetsync radio decoding. Will now accept a range of different GPS sentences. Also, it is now possible to request GPS location from field radios. New: Decoding NEXEDGE Digital radio system (but not tested).

Version 0.9.721 Beta
11 May 2015
Quickfix: The Send button in the Messages window had dissapeared from the window.

Version 0.9.720 Beta
9 May 2015

- NEW: Decoding of commercial Icom DPMR based radios.
- Fix: Popup window requesting clearing of old Debug logs now closes automatically on no response.
- Updated Polish language file.
- Updated Dutch language file.

- New: Improved Database Login window. You can now change the GroupID during login, and the window now remembers previous logins, so you can select these from the pulldown list.  Also fixed some other issues.

- The Server Monitor will now shutdown the Server properly when Windows is shut down. Solves the problem of Windows complaining of application preventing shutdown procedure.
- Fix: Improved error protection when databases are saved to disk. Improved Debugging on stream errors.

Version 0.9.718 Beta
2 April 2015
SARTrack Database users, please read the importnant information below, regarding the change of the Server Admin login.

- NEW: Decoding of Tait commercial Radios.
- Fix: "Setup>This Station" Beacon, when using a GPS, could not change the Beacon interval.
- New: On some Icom radios, Tait radios and the GPSMic microphone, these can now be Polled for their GPS position from remote SARTrack computers, via the APRS network and via the Database Server.
- Fix: Manually added Objects did not get transmitted via (APRS Radio) TNC, even if "Transmit Objects Over Radio" was enabled.
- Updated the Help system on Icom and Tait radio settings.

- Fix: LKP/PLS Circle system would 'timeout' and get hidden on the Map after one hour. Now will stay permanently unless hidden manually.
- Fix: Operations Menu was not updated when switching Active or Historic Operations, so some buttons where grayed out.
- Fix: In Team Setup, the Tabs are now set to 'multi-line', so you do not have to scroll to find them if you have lots of Team Tabs. Also, on first start ALL Teams will now be shown on the Tabs sheet. You can hide any Teams Tabs afterwards.
- Team Status, improved clarity which Tab is currently at the foreground. Team Name/Reference now in list. 

- Improved debug logging.

- **** Changes to the Supervisor Login system. There is now a NEW Login for the Database Server Adminstrator, to separate it from the "Supervisor" login, which will now be different for all GroupID's.
After this Update, in the Database Server Setup window, first re-enter the Password for the "ServerAdmin" login. By default, it should be the old 'Supervisor' password for the Server.
When you login as "ServerAdmin" with the above password, you can access _any_ GroupID, therefore have access to all GroupID databases, including the editing of the Database Users (DTB Users).
In the DTB Users system of the Server, you will now have a separate "Supervisor" login for each GroupID, each with their OWN Password.
It is possible that "Supervisor" login for the GroupID you are using no longer works. In that case, login as "ServerAdmin" with the required GroupID, and change the password for the "Supervisor" for this GroupID. NOTE: This only affects the actual "Supervisor" login. It does NOT affect any DTB Users which have been generated with a Supervisor _access level_.

- There is a new option in the Setup window: "Server is on the Internet".  When this is NOT ticked (the default), the Server will automatically generate a "Supervisor" login the first time somebody connects to it with a NEW GroupID, with a Password of "test".
This enables quick access when a new GroupID is going to be used.
When the option "Server is on the Internet" is ticked, the Server will NOT allow a new GroupID to be accessed by logging in as "Supervisor". Instead, the "ServerAdmin" user will have to login with the required GroupID, and manually enter the first DTB Users (including a new "Supervisor" login if required).
Only then have other users access to this new GroupID database.

Version 0.9.717 Beta
2 April 2015

- Fix: AGWPE connection would not properly detect when the AGWPE would crash or was shut down.
- New: Decoding of commercial Icom radios GPS data. Added Digital decoding, and polling of remote radios.
- Fix: Canada Toporama maps adjusted to new Toporama Web server settings. (Note: If you do a RELOAD on these maps, you will get an updated Map version, as they have changed their database system).

- Fix critical random error, where Server would get corrupted incoming data, and got stuck in a loop.

Version 0.9.716 Beta
17 March 2015

- New: Decoding of commercial Icom radios GPS data (Note: Not yet capable of Polling remote radios)
- Added Protocol Version 2 decoding to Kenwood Fleetsync radios.
- Fix: "GPSMic" decoding swapped East and West in certain areas.

Version 0.9.715 Beta
6 March 2015
- Fix: removed check for bad SSID in TNC decoding, as this caused some type of trackers to be discarded.
SAR changes:
- Setup window: Moved "Use Database Server" into the SAR tab, and removed the 'Database' tab to avoid confusion with the 'Connection Setup' window.
- Fix: Connection Menu: Could not Hide the new Icom panel (work in progress)
- Fix: Editing TimeLines could not access top entry.
- Fix: Default new Log Entry is now of Log Type "Standard" instead of "Teams".

Version 0.9.714 Beta
28 February 2015
SAR users: Please make sure you Update *both* the SARTrack program AND Database Server.
If the database server is running remotely, you must update it by re-installing the new installation package from the website.
Always restart the Database Server after an update. After THIS Update, the Database Server will update automatically. Please read the post in the SARTrack SAR mailing list.

- Fix: Messages to EMAIL are now sent to "EMAIL-2". Also, Email messages will now be transmitted over a Radio link. Fixed some issues with ACK packets being send to all ports instead of incoming port. Blocked forwarding of Message packets which are addressed to own station.
- Fix: Decoding Spot satellite tracker with Forward to Internet enabled would cause a crash.
- Fix: TNC decoding: Added extra protection against corrupted KISS/AX25 data.
- Fix: People window; Delete button did not delete on Server.
- New: Updated Dutch translation file.

- Changed internal timer which saves data to disk to another type. Did not trust previous timer system.

- Monitor now does the Database Server Updates. "Check Update" added in Monitor window.  By default, the Monitor will check for Updates every 24  hours, on the Update Hour set in the Server Setup window. By default, the Monitor will REBOOT the Database Server at that time!

Version 0.9.713 Beta
6 February 2015
SAR users: Please make sure you Update *both* the SARTrack program AND Database Server.
If the database server is running remotely, you must update it by re-installing the new installation package from the website.
Always restart the Database Server after an update.

- Fix: Some errors in Setup>This Station with the Beacon time values.
- Fix: Editing Polylines does no longer ask about ownership of the Polyline when in SAR mode.
- Fix: Load Historical Operations: Multiple same entries in pulldown list.
- The width of all Main Menus is now automatically adjusted depending on the selected language.
- Fix: Team Setup window: The Search button did not work. Also added new Search button for Capabilities.
- Fix: Team Setup window: Capabilities of people did not show in selected Team.
- Fix: Team Setup window: Improved display of Equipment.

- Fix: Drop active databases from memory after Change Operation.
- Fix: Server did not shutdown correctly when it was closed from the Monitor program.

Version 0.9.712 Beta
30 January 2015

- Fix: Update Station Details (Tactical, TrackColor) did not work over the Database.
- New: Option "Show Last Heard Time on Label" in Maps. Now default in SAR mode, NOT default in HAM mode. Change it in Setup>Maps.
- Various bug fixes with the Timeouts of Stations and (Team) Tracker Objects.
- Fix: Map window would not refresh properly after login to Database Server.
- Fix: Debug button not visible when Windows Display set to 125% or more.
- NEW: Dutch translation file. (De Nederlandse vertaling is nog niet helemaal kompleet)

- Protect the Server from Shutdown, if the Monitor program is running.
- Fix issue that Server is running, but not visible in the Icon Tray.

Version 0.9.711 Beta
23 January 2015

- Fixed several issues in the Management windows: People, Equipment, Team Setup. They did not always update properly.
- In Team Setup, the Team Leader (once selected)  is now marked with a special Icon.
- Fix: Windows and buttons resize issue when Windows screen Item size was increased from 100% to 125% or 150% .

Version 0.9.710 Beta
23 January 2015

- Added: Keyboard shortcuts in the Operations Log window (Ctrl-N for new Log entry, etc).
- Changed: Tab order in Log Entry windows. Now works better when using the Tab key to step through the entry fields.
- Fix: Time Line window would not display TimeLines correctly after a New Operation was started.
- Fix: Several display issues in the Database Users window.
- Fix: In People Arrival/Departure windows, when 'Mark all as Departed' was selected, it did not refresh the local windows.
- Fix: Extra check for duplicate Messages, when more than one Client is connected to the APRS-IS network AND to the Database.
- Updated German translation file.

- Fix: UDP broadcast on local LAN caused internal error when IPV-6 was in list.

- Protected ServerMonitor of running multiple instances.
- Improved Options Menu and protection against closing Monitor without closing Server first.

Version 0.9.709 Beta
16 January 2015
- Fix: Local TeamSetup window was not updated if a Multi-Add of Equipment was done.
- Fix: Improved recovery when a network connection failure occurs between the SARTrack client and the Database server, when Management windows are open.

Version 0.9.708 Beta
13 January 2015
- Performance improvment in TCP connection between Server and Client. You must update BOTH Server and Client to this version.
- TCP connection change.

Version 0.9.707 Beta
Old SARTrack Update data.

11 January 2015
- Critical Fix: Add Log Entry would fail when Reference Type was set to "Undefined".
- Fix: With Brazilian Portugese language: Main Menu was blank.
- Fix: Would not delete expired Objects when command received from SARTrack client.
- Added: Client Version number in Web statistics page.
SARTrack Update program updated.

Version 0.9.706 Beta
10 January 2015
- Fix: Polylines on Server
- Warning added when the Database Server reports an error.
- Clients get disconnected when to many errors are generated by the client.

Version 0.9.704 Beta
07 January 2015
- Fix: Polylines (Search areas etc.) where broken.
- Made Database Server more flexible in accepting different Versions of connecting clients.

Version 0.9.703 Beta
06 January 2015
- Fix: Search DTB User would sometimes fail, and not save the new DTB User.
- Fix: Rendering of Polylines on the map will now allow any Zoom level without disappearing.
- Fixed Version compare. Server will only accept SARTrack connections with the SAME Version number as the Server itself.

Version 0.9.701 Beta
04 January 2015

Major Update.  This version is the first production of the SARTrack Alpha version which has been in development for 9 months. All Search and Rescue users, please read the information on the download page at